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When Alok Kapoor P ’32 and his wife chose Milton for their daughter, they were most impressed by the school’s holistic educational approach that prepares children to be well-rounded, well-intended, and productive leaders. Little did they know, this holistic approach would extend far beyond academics for their family. Within a year of enrolling at Milton, their daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, and Alok’s wife passed away. 

Immediately, Lower School faculty rallied around the family, building a support network that would ensure Alok’s daughter would make it through the difficult days ahead. Alok shares, “The outpouring of support, even during the summer months, was off-the-charts amazing.” While Milton’s educators bolstered Alok’s daughter to thrive academically and emotionally, Alok also received the support he needed as an advocate for his daughter’s dyslexia diagnosis. The Lower School administration welcomed his feedback about supporting neurodiverse students and encouraged him to create a parent group for the Lower School, further expanding their support network. Alok shares, “I continue to be blown away by the amount of care given to our family, and it’s not just us; I have spoken to many other parents who have experienced the same kind of support. Milton was there for our family, and I give back so that Milton can continue to be there for other families.”