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Building and sustaining a community of educators whose members are connected to each other, to the principles and practices of their respective fields, and to the world outside of Milton is essential to Milton’s future. This plan asks our faculty to take on new challenges in innovating and advancing our curriculum, to rethink the role and purposes of advising, and to join in a collaborative commitment to developing youth whose interpersonal and leadership qualities are exceptional.

As a voice in an often-polarized national conversation about the importance of the “classroom teacher,” Milton has an opportunity and a responsibility to set and reinforce a high standard for the teaching profession and to provide our faculty with the support to achieve it. We will hold ourselves individually and collectively accountable to the highest professional standards and to the priorities we set for ourselves as educators.

Competition for creative, capable and experienced teachers comes from many quarters: from Milton’s peers, from other careers and professions, and from Milton’s context in a region with a high cost of living.

We want to match the commitment faculty members make to a career at Milton with the strong compensation and other career supports necessary to sustain an excellent faculty. Further, we want to improve the diversity of our faculty so that it matches our aspirations for Milton students.

We will build and sustain an excellent and diverse faculty through faculty growth and professional development; compensation at leading levels among independent schools; greater faculty diversity; and support for a dynamic, inclusive School community.


Growth and Professional Development


  • Provide sustainable, competitive compensation for faculty that considers three inter-related factors: our competitive position in the hiring market; our internal and external equity based on relevant peer groups; and the cost of living for Milton faculty.
  • Attract the best faculty members by responding aggressively to competitive factors in the hiring market.
  • Effectively and appropriately support faculty members throughout their careers.
  • Establish a leadership position and posture for Milton regarding the importance of excellent teachers to society.
  • Create an effective, equitable, and sustainable approach to compensation. 


  • Expand the diversity of Milton’s faculty and strengthen inclusiveness among faculty, staff and students at Milton.
  • Within a broader faculty, optimize the potential alignment between our students and the adult leaders our students encounter during their Milton years.