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Framework of Competencies

Milton will define areas of focus for student learning and development. These articulated competencies—cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal—frame our curriculum, express our educational values, and define areas of mastery for our students. They will guide the effort to renew curriculum, in the Upper School and in K–8.

Cognitive competencies:

  • critical thinking (interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of textual, visual and quantitative evidence; reasoning; argumentation; problem-solving)
  • creativity (imagination and innovation)
  • communication (written, oral and visual expression; creative and imaginative expression; cross-cultural exchange)

Intrapersonal competencies:

  • openness (flexibility, curiosity, adaptability)
  • strength (initiative, responsibility, resilience, grit, integrity)
  • self-awareness (self-evaluation, self-discipline, metacognition)

Interpersonal competencies:

  • understanding perspective (empathy, cultural awareness, appreciation for diverse experience)
  • collaboration (team-building, cooperation, conflict resolution)
  • leadership (service, vision, courage)