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A display in Forbes Dining Hall announces the expansion of plant-based offerings.Milton has begun offering more “plant-powered” meals in Forbes Dining Hall, thanks to the advocacy of the student Sustainability Board and in partnership with Aramark, the school’s Dining Services vendor.

Melanie Forney ’24, Gus Vogel ’25, and Juni Brewster ’25 worked for the past year to expand the dining hall’s plant-based offerings, said Linnea Engstrom, a Science Department faculty member and Milton’s sustainability coordinator. Historically, the dining hall has offered a plant-powered meal during Earth Week.

“Eating less meat has a large impact on the environment,” Engstrom said. “The livestock sector is one of the leading causes of deforestation and there are a large number of resources needed to raise meat, both through land use in growing crops for the livestock to eat and drinking water for them. There is also livestock waste, which can pollute water sources.”

The students and dining services personnel coordinated with the Athletics Department to find a day that works best for student-athletes. Studies have shown that plant-based meals can help in recovery for athletes, and since Tuesdays are recovery days for Upper School athletes, the plant-based options will be available on Tuesdays, Engstrom said.

Milton has taken additional sustainability measures related to dining, including composting—which helps reduce the production of methane—promoting low-waste dining choices, and offering locally grown foods.