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Welcoming new students and their parents to Milton this week, Head of School Todd Bland asked everyone in attendance to acknowledge and honor the differences each student brings to the School.

New Class IV students, as well as those entering Milton in Classes III and II, join others from 24 U.S. states and more than 20 countries, each with their own stories and points of view. Some of them have been at Milton since Kindergarten, while others are brand-new. Mr. Bland promised parents that the School is ready and excited to guide each student as they grow more independent.

“We will do everything in our power to be supportive of your children,” he said. “We will care for them and we will look after them.” To students, Mr. Bland said: “You’re in for a great ride.”

Upper School Principal David Ball encouraged students to contribute to the School by adding their voices to discussions in class, and by listening intently to others.

“I don’t say ‘Welcome to the Upper School,’ I say, ‘Welcome: you are the Upper School,’” Mr. Ball said. “Starting today, you’re building that community.”

Dean of Students José Ruiz welcomed students by reminding them that they have already proven themselves to belong at Milton, and encouraged them to take advantage of opportunities to enrich their time at School, whether by participating in athletics, arts or community engagement programs.

Academic Dean Jackie Bonenfant wished students and parents a “Happy New Year.” Milton is set up for students to work with faculty for the best academic experience, she said. Both deans shared with students and parents some of the resources available to make their time at Milton as fulfilling as possible.