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One Community. Countless Connections.

A Special Message of Gratitude From Head of School Alixe Callen ’88

Giving Day Challenge: Fueling Endless Milton Connections

On March 6, the Milton community came together like never before to support the people, programs, and opportunities that cultivate Milton Connections for students inside and outside the classroom. Alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends made impactful investments in Financial Aid; Student Experience; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice; and so much more. Thank you!



Total Donors
A New Record!



Total Dollars

A special thank you to our generous challenge donors, including Milton Academy Board of Trustees President Claire Hughes Johnson ’90 P ’24 ’27, who issued the $100K Giving Day Challenge, and members of the 1798 Circle Committee, who issued the $25K Bonus Challenge.

“One of the reasons I give back to Milton is so that the people who can make the most of a Milton education—those who can grow and shine and do something special in the world—have the opportunities to do so regardless of their background. Paying it forward enables others to rise to that occasion.”

—Rob Woodhouse ’08, 1798 Circle Committee member

The Milton Fund

This year, Milton’s community generously donated to the Milton Fund, breaking participation records! Thanks to your support, Milton has the resources to shape today’s engaged citizens and cultivate tomorrow’s leaders.



Milton Fund Donors
A New Record!



Milton Fund Dollars

“I have always had a passion for business, but had few opportunities to explore this interest. Through Milton’s Entrepreneurs Club, I have deepened my knowledge of many business topics through upperclassmen presenters, outside speakers, and Milton’s partnership with the DECA competition. I am so grateful for the wide variety of clubs Milton has to offer.”

—Cassia ’27

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Milton Fund Microchallenges Met

Financial Aid Microchallenge

Each student plays a crucial role in the Milton Connections that make this place so special. For 35% of students, their Milton experience would not be possible without financial aid. Milton Fund gifts directed to financial aid fill critical funding gaps for tuition as well as scholarship enrichment needs, such as technology, books, and stipends. Thank you to our donors for helping to keep Milton’s education accessible and enabling students to fully engage in educational, co-curricular, and social opportunities.



Financial Aid Donors



Financial Aid Dollars

A special thank you to our generous challenge donors, Charlie and Kristin Cain P ’25 ’28, who issued the $10K Financial Aid Microchallenge.

“Philanthropy supported my ability to attend Milton as a student on financial aid. While there, the school also provided the small, ancillary things that leveled the playing field for me—whether it was extra basketball shoes or a stipend for a given need—I felt really supported in both big and small ways at Milton.”

—Randall C. Dunn ’83

Student Experience Microchallenge

No two students’ experiences at Milton are exactly alike; from learning how to play a musical instrument to crafting a speech on our award-winning speech and debate team, there’s no shortage of unique ways to engage at Milton. Milton Fund gifts directed to the student experience fuel classroom resources, co-curricular clubs, athletics, affinity spaces, and so much more. Thanks to Giving Day donors, Milton students can continue to engage in Milton’s transformational opportunities.



Student Experience Donors



Student Experience Dollars

A special thank you to our generous anonymous challenger from the Class of 1993 who issued the $10K Student Experience Microchallenge.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Speech and Debate Team. Speech and Debate is unparalleled at Milton, and I love being part of such an excellent team. My teammates and coaches are so supportive and have nurtured this passion. It’s one of the activities I look forward to each week.”

—Madeleine ’27

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Microchallenge

Creating an inclusive environment is central to Milton’s mission. Gifts to the Milton Fund directed to DEIJ help create more programming and leadership opportunities for all students, from affinity groups and inter-school cultural celebrations to engaging campus speakers. Thanks to donor support, our community has the resources to live up to our motto, “Dare to be true.”



DEIJ Donors



DEIJ Dollars

A special thank you to our generous anonymous challenge donors who issued the $10K Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Microchallenge.

“I co-head an affinity group called Jaded Matrix for Black women and non-binary people, which allows me to have a community and safe space among people that have shared experiences. Another initiative I enjoy is the Transitions Program, our orientation program for students of color and international students. This community-building block is so important for new students, and serving as a mentor for the program has been a great opportunity.”

—Breah ’25

Collective Impact

Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our students. This year, nearly 70 alumni, parents, faculty, and staff volunteers worked hard to leverage their Milton Connections to build support for Giving Day. Volunteers promoted various giving opportunities throughout the day, including new challenges such as the Recurring Gift Microchallenge, which encouraged incremental gifts throughout the year to help set Milton up for success. Reunion Gift volunteers from the Class of 1999 spread the word about the two-to-one dollar match challenge put forth by an anonymous classmate. These thoughtful efforts fuel the opportunities that help our community grow all year. Thank you to our Giving Day volunteers for all of their efforts!

A special thank you to our generous challenge donor, Steve Kim 98, who issued our Recurring Gift Microchallenge, and to our anonymous challenge donor who issued the Class of 1999 Reunion Gift Challenge.

“At the height of the pandemic, our daughter struggled with finding community, support, and authentic relationships. That’s what led us to consider Milton, and it is one of the best decisions we ever made. She is having an incredible experience, academically and socially. Milton has welcomed my family, just as it welcomed me decades ago.”

—Juan Fernandez ’93 P ’25 ’27

Affiliation-Based Challenges

We are deeply grateful for all of our alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who came together to support Milton on Giving Day. The affiliation-based microchallenges provided opportunities to share Milton Connections proudly! Our parents continue to amaze us as they exceeded their Parents Microchallenge goal again this year and earned $25K for the Milton Fund! Gifts matched in the Boarding Community Microchallenge span our entire Milton community, and with their support on Giving Day, we increased our challenge earnings by over 66% from last year! Most notably, donors from the China and Hong Kong region surpassed their microchallenge goal early in the day, increasing their participation by 65% from Giving Day 2023, which set the stage for a successful Giving Day.

A special thank you to our many generous affiliation-based microchallenge donors: Ivan ’92 and Angie Ting P ’22 ’25, who issued the $25K China & Hong Kong Regional Microchallenge; our anonymous challenge donor who issued the Boarding Community Microchallenge; and our anonymous challenge donors who issued our $25K Parents Microchallenge.

“Milton has provided an invaluable opportunity to experience an incredibly diverse community and has allowed me to have a more conscious worldview. As the co-head of Tang, it’s been great to further the Chinese narrative on campus through meetings and events, especially with the support of the school community. My dorm life has also been a big part of my Milton experience, as it has allowed me to form intimate connections that have supported me away from home.”

—Andre ’25

Campus Affiliation Challenges

Each year, Milton’s campus celebrates Giving Day along with our greater community. This is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to learn more about philanthropy and reinvest in the school we love. While faculty and staff met their microchallenge goal earlier than ever before, the Schwarz Student Center was bustling, decorated with posters made by the Lower School. Upper School students were especially enthusiastic this year, resulting in a record 31% participation.

A special thank you to our generous affiliation-based challenge donors: Laura P. Appell-Warren ’78 and John C. Warren P ’04 ’07, who issued the $15K Faculty & Staff Microchallenge, and to our young alumni siblings who generously and anonymously issued the Class of 2024 Senior Gift Challenge.

“While I cherish the clubs, camaraderie with classmates, and the communal atmosphere of dorm life on campus, the standout aspect for me has undeniably been the exceptional teachers. I have yet to encounter a group of educators who exhibit such genuine enthusiasm for the subjects they teach and a steadfast commitment to offering unwavering academic support and guidance whenever I seek it.”

—Stephanie ’24