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This fall, Cox Library will relocate to a newly renovated space in Wigglesworth Hall, which will clear the way for a renovation of the existing space for math. The new Farokhzad Math Center will be transformed into a cutting-edge facility that will breathe new life into how math is delivered and experienced at Milton, both in and out of the classroom. Trustee Justin Walsh ’99 was involved in early conversations about the need for a new space for math, and his leadership and philanthropic support are playing a vital role in making this project possible. He shares, “Math was always my favorite subject at Milton, it was my major in college, and it is foundational in my career in investing. I am very excited to have a front-row seat to this project unfolding in the coming year.”

Milton is committed to teaching students how to think mathematically, to be resourceful, and to take responsibility for their own understanding. A building dedicated entirely to the study of math will enhance teaching and learning, create a stronger math community, and elevate the mathematics program at Milton. Justin shares, “As a trustee, alumnus, and a believer in the power of a Milton education and the critical importance of cultivating a strong foundation of math and problem-solving skills for future generations, I am pleased to support this prestigious addition to the Milton landscape.”