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15-05_1212-playThis spring’s 1212 play brought another round ofSaturday Night Live comedy to campus. Wicked Sketchy is an original production made up of 18 sketches, written and performed by students. Last spring’s Wicked Sketchy production was so successful that Peter Parisi, performing arts department chair, thought it made sense to do it again. This time, Jake Daniels (I), Mack Makishima (II), Rick Dionne (I), Alex Gistis (II) and Minh-Anh Day (I) took on lead writing and directorial roles in this collaborative project. The 28-student cast pitched ideas to each other and wrote draft skits in small groups, eventually choosing the final 18, which each student had a hand in editing.

View photos of Wicked Sketchy.

The tradition of Milton’s 1212 Plays began over 30 years ago in room 1212 of Warren Hall. The performances evolved from play readings to fully staged productions under the direction of late faculty member Nina Seidenman. When Warren Hall was renovated, and room 1212 became an English classroom, the productions relocated to Wigg Hall. The space may have changed, but the philosophy is the same: intimate productions with small casts, minimal technical demands, and challenging material for both actors and audience.