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2.0A “remarkable” number of student writers and artists were recognized in the Massachusetts Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the nation’s longest-running competition to identify creative talent among students. Thirty-one students earned 43 writing honors and 19 students earned 34 art honors. Last week, Ms. Baker and Mr. Nobles announced the winners at assembly.

In writing, Anne Kwok 21 received numerous awards in poetry and fiction including three Gold Keys, one Silver Key, and one Honorable Mention. For her poem “Aubade For My Sister,” she also received an American Voices and Visions Medal, the highest regional Scholastic honor.

“It is one of the more abstract poems I’ve written,” said Anne, who currently takes the creative writing course and the poetry half course. “I’m experimenting with new forms of writing and exploring different poetry forms.”

Last fall, her work was also recognized by the Foyles Young Poets competition, when she was awarded Commended Poet. Anne said she’s always loved writing, but at Milton she has more opportunities to write poetry. She’s also enjoyed having visiting poets on campus, such as Gregory Pardlo, who spent time in her class. “I’d been struggling a lot with appropriating someone else’s voice and he told me it’s about finding the individual story and to focus on that.”

Erica Yip 20, who earned a Gold Key and Silver Key in poetry, also was a finalist in the 2020 Young Arts National Competition for a play script adapted from a piece of her fiction.

In the Scholastic Arts Awards, Grace Li 20 earned awards in photography including a Gold Key for her photograph “space and movement,” a Silver Key for “blue bedroom” (in photo) and four Honorable Mentions.

“One of the reasons I am drawn to photography is the ability to warp a viewer’s perception of reality through a medium that, historically, has been trusted to accurately capture it,” said Grace. “With Polaroid film specifically, I enjoy experimenting with different ways to manipulate the film and chemicals used to develop the image. By changing the temperature or interfering with the development of the film, I can create new realities.”

Scholastic works in conjunction with the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University and the Boston Globe to judge regional winners. Gold Key winners are welcome to participate in the regional awards celebration, which will be held on March 14 at Tufts. Gold Key work is currently being reviewed at the national level in New York City by panels of creative professionals for National Medal honors.

All Scholastic Writing Regional Gold Key Winners

Victoria Choo: personal narrative

Katie Conn: poetry

Anne Kwok: fiction

Anne Kwok: poetry

Anne Kwok: poetry

Nara Mohyeddin: poetry

Erika Yip: poetry

All Scholastic Writing Regional Silver Key Winners

India Claudy: fiction

India Claudy: poetry

Eliza Dunn: fiction

Ainsley Iwanicki: poetry

Anne Kwok: fiction

Shiloh Liu: personal narrative

Grace Perryman: poetry

Erika Yip: poetry

All Scholastic Writing Portfolio Winners

Katie Conn

Beck Kendig

Malia Chung

All Scholastic Writing Regional Honorable Mention Winners

Samantha Bateman: poetry

Alison Blake: personal narrative

Carolina Bragg: poetry

Alison Cao: poetry

Michelle Chen: personal narrative

Victoria Choo: fiction

Katie Conn: fiction

Fatou Diaw: poetry

Michael Dmitrienko: poetry

Josh Hwang: fiction

Josh Hwang: poetry

John Hwang: critical essay

Ainsley Iwanicki: fiction

Anne Kwok: poetry

Sophie Lachenauer: poetry

Grace Li: poetry

Bella Lora: poetry

Eleni Mazareas: poetry

Leydn McEvoy: poetry

Anthony Mora: poetry

Liv Pouliot: poetry

Tapti Sen: poetry

Lynn Yuan: poetry

Cece Zinny: poetry

All Scholastic Art Regional Gold Key Winners

Alexandra Barron: photography, Young Eagle Huntress

Alexandra Barron: photography, Daily Chores

Thea Chung: photography, Girls at the Park

Grace Li: photography, space and movement

William Livingston: ceramics & glass, Texas Longhorn

Daisy Marshall: sculpture, Runner’s High

Eloise Maybank: drawing & illustration, Portrait of Edward Fox

All Scholastic Art Regional Silver Key Winners

Alexandra Barron: photography, tossed away

Alexandra Barron: photography, A Fleeting Moment in Venice

Alexandra Barron: photography, Son of God

Jeanette Hitt: photography, Gleam

Jeanette Hitt: photography, Self-Portrait

Ainsley Iwanicki: ceramics & glass, Botanical #7

Ainsley Iwanicki: ceramics & glass, Wood Coil #3

Grace Li: photography, blue bedroom

Jennifer Lim: drawing & illustration, Subway Station Entrance

Yidan Yuan: comic art, Asphyxia

All Scholastic Art Regional Honorable Mention Winners

Nicole Cepeda: painting, Liberation

Thea Chung: photography, Pinks

Thea Chung: photography, Skin

Ethan Furdak: painting, Facets of Modern Materialism

Grace Li: photography, Views over Tibidabo

Grace Li: photography, gentle shadows

Grace Li: photography, streets of barcelona

Grace Li: photography, the outlook

Zach Neri: printmaking, Self Portrait Print

Jalen Nixon: photography, Inside from the Outside

Henry Perry-Friedman: photography, J&J Soft Serve

Jennifer Small: photography, Apples

Jiawei Sun: drawing & illustration, Perfect Strangers

Olivia Taveira: art portfolio, Digital Illustrations

Madeleine Weiler: photography, Orange Crowned Warbler

Yidan Yuan: mixed media, Cut Her Off

Yidan Yuan: drawing & illustration, City of Two Worlds