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The Milton Measure, Milton Academy’s bimonthly student-run newspaper, was awarded the Gold Medalist Certificate by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA). The CSPA, a department of Columbia University, was established in 1924 to help improve student publications.

The Measure staff is thrilled about earning the highest honor, the Gold Medalist Certificate. According to the CSPA Judge evaluating the Measure, “the in-depth coverage here is superior to any high school paper I’ve read. It reads like a professional paper, by and large.”

“I always knew that we had an excellent staff, which contributed to our high quality writing and was very happy to see that we won the highest possible award,” says Mer Walker (Class I), current editor-in-chief. “The award validates what a great publication I believe Milton has.”

Every spring the editor-in-chief of the Milton Measure participates in the CSPA competition. After submitting information about the staff and production, the staff then submits in a number of issues to be critiqued and evaluated by a CSPA judge. The results of the nation-wide competition are announced each fall. Milton Academy has earned both bronze and gold medals in the past.