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Oil Painting by Hannah Neri (I)

Oil Painting by Hannah Neri (I)

More than 40 Milton students received recognition in the 2018 Massachusetts Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The students earned 78 Gold Key, Silver Key or Honorable Mention accolades in the competition, a “banner year” for the School, says English department faculty member Lisa Baker. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards began in 1923 and are considered the most prestigious awards for teenagers in the country. Milton’s 21 Gold Key pieces are submitted to the national Scholastic competition, and results for the national contest will be announced in March.

Hannah Neri ’18 received seven awards for painting and photography. Hannah says she is inspired to “define beauty for myself and find beauty in my surroundings.”

“My work, at least this year in oil painting, centers around creating confrontational and non-idealistic portraits and I think I do that well in my portrait of my friend, Hannah H. My photography, for the most part, takes place when I’m travelling. I love photography because it is one of the most portable forms of art. I don’t have a certain photography style; I just try to capture what I find interesting or beautiful. At Milton, I’ve become more relaxed as an artist. I’ve forced myself to work faster and more loosely, focusing more on elements of play and creation rather than tedious, but perfect, replication. Visual art challenges me to explore the unknown. When I start a painting, I have no idea how it will actually turn out. I can plan out the composition of the canvas, but when I go to create the colors I want or go to put paint on to canvas I can only hope that when I step back from the canvas, I’ve created something that I like.”

Adi Gandhi ’18 received two Gold Key awards, including one for a writing portfolio, along with an honorable mention for his poem “Mango Picking.” “Before coming to Milton, I was very interested in writing, and would write on my own, but without any professional guidance. Milton has an outstanding English department and offers courses in creative writing. I took full advantage of these offers. My creative writing teacher, Mr. Connolly, has been fundamental to helping me grow as a writer. As he likes to say to his students, he is my ‘reader’ and not my teacher. The resources and support I found at Milton have allowed me to grow so much as a writer.”

Complete list of award winners

(GK: Gold Key; SK: Silver Key; HM: Honorable Mention)

Ann-Josephine Auguste (I), HM Poetry: Black Girl

Eliza Barrett-Cotter (III), GK Poetry: Lies

Eliza Barrett-Cotter (III), SK Poetry: Ghazal for a Love Story

Erin Brady (II), SK Drawing and Illustration: Distorted Portrait

Andrew Chan (I) GK Poetry: Sonnet

Andrew Chan (I) GK Poetry: The Raven

Andrew Chan (I) GK Poetry: What I Own

Andrew Chan (I) SK Poetry: Exodus

Malia Chung (III) HM Poetry: The Art of Eight Limbs

Alyssa Dunn (II) GK Poetry: Dear Grandpa,

Serena Fernandopulle (II) SK Poetry: Hit Her

Aditya Gandhi (I) GK Poetry: Fasting during Navratri

Aditya Gandhi (I) GK Writing Portfolio: Scenes from a Black-and-White Western

Aditya Gandhi (I) HM Poetry: Mango Picking

Hannah Hachamovitch (I) SK Art Portfolio: My Art Canon.

Sophia Hitt (II) GK Printmaking: Save The Bees

Sophia Hitt (II) HM Photography: halibut #2

Sophia Hitt (II) SK Painting: self portrait

Sophia Hitt (II) SK Photography: alaska

Edowaye Idahor (I) SK Poetry: Police Brutality

Ainsley Iwanicki (III) SK Ceramics & Glass: Wood Waves

Kiely Johnson (II) SK Poetry: Old Friend

Dong Ju Kim (I) HM Painting: Play With Me

Lucy Landau (I) HM Mixed Media: Apples

Jiseo (Sophie) Lee (I) GK Sculpture: Meat Coat

Jiseo (Sophie) Lee (I) GK Drawing and Illustration: Nostalgia

Jiseo (Sophie) Lee (I) GK Printmaking: Kitty Cones

Jiseo (Sophie) Lee (I) SK Painting: Dew Drops

Jiseo (Sophie) Lee (I) Silver Key Painting: Rainy City

Jiseo (Sophie) Lee (I) Silver Key Sculpture: The Ecosystem

Jiseo (Sophie) Lee (I) Silver Key Design: Butterflies and Bees

Victoire Legrand (I) HM Poetry: Elegy for my Body

Victoire Legrand (I) HM Poetry: What I’m Sorry For

Max Li (I) SK Short Story: Blessings

Kelly Tsing Sum Lo (I) GK Poetry: a letter to the teachers who never did get my name right

Caroline McCarthy (I) HM Sculpture: The Playground

Tatiana Meyer (II) HM Poetry: Unbecoming

Tatiana Meyer (II) SK Poetry: Mix

Anna Mikhailova (II) HM Sculpture: Sagittarius

Alexandra Millard (I) SK Poetry: Husked

Edward Moreta Jr. (I) GK Poetry: Tuesday, May 30th, 1961

Hannah Neri (I) GK Painting: Gentle Stern

Hannah Neri (I) GK Painting: Squeeze

Hannah Neri (I) GK Photography: Death of Tsujiki

Hannah Neri (I) GK Photography: Family of Five

Hannah Neri (I) GK Photography: Oblivion

Hannah Neri (I) SK Painting: Pretty in Pink

Hannah Neri (I) SK Photography: Anchoring to Umapad

Beatrice Ojuri (I) SK Poetry: Take a Moment

Toya Ora (I) SK Poetry: Seven Trouble

Akua Owusu (II) SK Poetry: Bonding, Bleaching

Alexandra Paul (I) SK Poetry: Find Yourself

Jenna Peters (III) HM Poetry: College Graduate

Liv Pouliot (III) HM Poetry: Your Ring

Liv Pouliot (III) SK Poetry: Teddy Bear

Claire Raposo (I) SK Poetry: Rock City Road and Hartigan at 7:30

Amaya Sangurima-Jimenez (II) HM Painting: The Ecuadorian Working Girl

Navpreet Sekhon (I) HM Painting: Hot Cheeto

Nina Subkhanberdina (I) HM Painting: Koi Fish

Evita Thadhani (III) HM Poetry: Villanelle for a Hospital Waiting Room

Evita Thadhani (III) HM Poetry: Drunk

Alexandra Upton (I) HM Poetry: Parallelograms

Alexandra Upton (I) SK Short Story: Stars

Abigail Walker (I) HM Poetry: Last Sunday Night

Abigail Walker (I) SK Poetry: Euphemisms

Abigail Walker (I) SK Flash Fiction: Taking Out the Trash

Jessica Wang (I) GK Short Story: Child From the Stars

Jessica Wang (I) GK Poetry: Raw Meat

Jessica Wang (I) GK Writing Portfolio: Child From the Stars

Hannah Widerman (II) GK Poetry: Aubade

Hannah Widerman (II) HM Poetry: Half Daydreams

Hannah Widerman (II) HM Critical Essay: Boundaries

Peter (Young Yoon) Won (II) GK Ceramics & Glass: Don’t Stop Running

Jonathan WuWong (I) GK Ceramics & Glass: Nymphaeaceae

Jonathan WuWong (I) HM Ceramics & Glass: Stratus

Jonathan WuWong (I) SK Ceramics & Glass: Cornucopia

Erika Yip (III) HM Poetry: Princess

Erika Yip (III) SK Poetry: Penny Girl