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New Student & Family Welcome and Orientation FAQs

New Student and Family Welcome at a glance

Program Dates
Sunday, September 3 (new students and families)
Monday, September 4 (new students only)

All students new to the upper school including Milton Academy students rising from Grade 8

Participation Expectation
Students — required (overnight included)
Families – optional (Sunday, September 3 only)

Move in date(s): Sunday, September 3**
NSO is an overnight program for all students, day and boarding.

Move out date(s):Boarding students – n/a
Day students – Monday, September 4

**Boarding students traveling without adults should contact

Before You Arrive

Identify a MEaningful Artifact for yourself and pack it (or bring a photo if it’s too big). During NSO, we are asking everyone to bring a MEaningful Artifact to share with your group. A MEaningful Artifact is something (or a photo of something/someone) that is important to who you are; something that has shaped the person you have become (and no, we’re not talking about your phone or other electronic device). Be prepared to talk about its meaning to you and why it has shaped you.

Complete the NSO Asynchronous Module before you arrive. This is required coursework of all new students in the Upper School. So even if you started at Milton as a kindergartener, you still need to do it! We will have some conversations around the content of this course during orientation and beyond.

Day students, please complete this short housing form by Monday, August 28, so we can assign you to a house for NSO!

Computers: Whether you are bringing one from home or picking yours up at registration, you will need a laptop and charger for tech setup and activities on Monday of programming. The complete packing lists for orientation (day and boarding) are posted in the resource links. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should we order books for class?

Now that schedules have been released, visit the Academy Bookstore website, click “Textbooks” and you are on your way.

Q. When should we expect further information on the daily timing/schedule for the New Student Orientation?

The schedules for the program can be referenced by following the “Detailed schedule…” links.

Q. Can I take my child out to dinner during the New Student Orientation overnight?

No. To ensure that new students have the full community building and bonding experience, students are not allowed to leave campus during NSO.

Q. Can my child stay overnight in my hotel room but still participate in the New Student Orientation?

No. To ensure that new students have the full community building and bonding experience, students are not allowed to leave campus during NSO.

Q. If my child is attending a pre-orientation program (ISFW or Transitions) do they move out between the end of the Transitions on September 2 and the beginning of New Student Orientation on September 3?

No, for day students, there will be a designated move-out time on the morning of September 4. After programming ends that day, day student parents will pick their children up from the Kellner Performing Arts Centre.
For boarding students, when they arrive, they will move into their assigned rooms for the year.

Q. Which parts of the orientation programs are residential?

The International Student and Family Welcome, which runs August 30 and August 31, is non-residential. Only students who travel unaccompanied by a parent/guardian to Milton will be housed prior to August 31.
Transitions, which runs August 31 – September 2, is residential for boarding and day students of color and international students.
Both of these pre-orientation programs are optional and by invitation.
New Student Orientation, which runs September 3-4 and is required for all students new to the upper school, is residential for all new students, day and boarding.

Q. If, as a parent, I attend a pre-orientation welcome on August 30 or August 31, do I need to return for the New Student and Family Welcome on September 3?

No. The parent/guardian programming is designed to get you everything you need when you arrive. However, all are welcome to join on September 3 to experience the full breadth of the community entering the upper school this fall.

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