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Faculty Webcasts


Milton’s Faculty Lead Online Discussions

Through technology offered by Instant Access Plus, Milton’s development office hosts a number of online presentations led by veteran faculty. Covering subjects from art to science and math to diversity, these Webcasts offer alumni and parents the opportunity to hear from faculty and connect with the School.

Modern Languages at Milton
Lucia Costineira, Mark Connolly and Mary Jo Ramos discuss modern languages taught in the Upper School, Middle School and Lower School of Milton Academy.
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Indu Chugani: How is Milton preparing the next generation of educators?
Milton’s dean of teaching and learning, Indu Chugani, hosts this online discussion with Milton Academy’s fellow teachers from the Penn Residency Masters in Teaching (PRMT) program. Milton is one of the founding schools of the PRMT program, a collaboration between the Penn Graduate School of Education and a consortium of eight boarding schools. In this webinar, alumni and parents hear first-hand about the experiences of our teaching fellows: how they have worked with their mentor teachers; how they have applied theories of learning to the Milton classroom; and how they contribute to a culture of ongoing professional growth at Milton.
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Mark Hilgendorf: Does the American Revolution Deserve its Title?
History faculty member, Mark Hilgendorf, offers a glimpse into his U.S. History Survey course. Listen to students debate whether the American Revolution was an actual revolution.
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Heather Sugrue and Andrea Geyling: Service Leads to Learning Beyond the Campus
Community service faculty advisors, Heather Sugrue and Andrea Geyling, along with community service board members, Josh Ellis ’13 and Marjorie Burke ’13, led a webcast discussion of students’ involvement with people beyond the campus limits-both in greater Boston and in Belize. Alumni and parents joined the conversation from all over the globe.
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Vivian WuWong: Boston’s Chinatown
Vivian WuWong, chair of Milton Academy’s history and social sciences department, walks alumni and parents through Boston’s Chinatown. The webinar explores the neighborhood’s history, it’s place in the world, and it’s connection with Milton.
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Jim Connolly and Lisa Baker: The Writing Workshop
Alumni and parents collected online to touch base once again with faculty members Jim Connolly and Lisa Baker, along with nine creative writing students in a “workshopping” session. Training in how to workshop effectively, that is, to read, critique and support fellow writers, is a particular and cherished Milton experience. Alumni report that the quality of Milton “workshopping” is rarely matched by their college versions of the same. During the online session, faculty discussed the creative writing process at Milton, and the importance of collaboration as the centerpiece of that process. Students read poetry and critiqued selected pieces.
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Heather Flewelling: A Duality of Thinking: Diversity in the New Millennium
Heather Flewelling, Director of Multiculturalism and Community Development, touches on some of the tensions, opportunities and initiatives in place or under development that will continue the exploration of how Milton fosters dynamic thinkers and leaders in the global millennium.
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Michael Edgar: Using Molecular Biology in the Milton Academy Science Classroom
This webinar explores the evolution of the Milton Academy molecular biology curriculum over the past decade. Ten years ago, resources and lab experiments were limited in our biology and genetics classrooms, but today’s lab is an integral and exciting part of how we teach biological sciences. This Milton classroom examines our inquiry-based molecular biology curriculum, and addresses some of the challenges this model presents. We also explore specific examples from Milton’s curriculum and discuss what the future holds for this academic field.
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Gregg Reilly: The Effect of New Technologies on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Throughout history, new technologies have created opportunities in the teaching and learning of mathematics. In recent years, two new technologies in particular, the TI-Nspire CAS Handheld Calculator and the SMART Board, have allowed us to approach classical mathematical topics in new ways. These technologies have led to more effective learning, and have also allowed students to explore more remote mathematical ideas. This Webinar demonstrates some of the innovative ways in which Milton students are learning mathematics. It also addresses some of the new directions the technologies are allowing students to take in their thinking about mathematics.
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Larry Pollans: “How do we make sense of contemporary art? What’s going on out there?”
As we stroll through contemporary galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Beijing, there seems to be no constant aesthetic to help us create an overview of our own culture. We all know about the 19th century and the rise of the bourgeoisie, but what do we know about our time? What does the art reflect? What are the patterns? Who is the target audience? Has the world become too multi-cultural to find a standard?