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Milton Academy is deeply committed to ensuring the safety of pedestrians who traverse Centre Street, Randolph Avenue, and other streets adjacent to our campus. Our longstanding conversations about improving safety mean that improvements are constantly ongoing. As we continue to identify and implement safety measures, we are grateful for the cooperation of our community members in helping to ensure everyone is able to move about campus safely.

We are continually encouraging our students and other community members to employ good crosswalk safety habits, including:

  • always looking both ways
  • stopping if there is not a clear line of sight to the road
  • making sure to establish eye contact with drivers in stopped vehicles before stepping into any crosswalk
  • refraining from trying to “beat the traffic” when crossing major roads
  • staying in the crosswalk when crossing
  • being fully present when attempting to cross streets
  • not being distracted by friends, phones or other devices

Below are some of the recent physical improvements we have designed and funded in partnership with the Town to safeguard our community members and members of the public who travel in this area.


  • Fall 2023: The school funded a pedestrian safety improvement project to address a stretch of deteriorated sidewalk on Randolph Avenue (south of the school’s Pool parking lot) which included adding a granite curb to prevent vehicles from accidentally driving onto the sidewalk. 
  • Summer 2022: The school funded roadway improvements along the Centre Street corridor east of campus between Randolph Avenue and Dudley Lane, which added advanced warning and advisory signs indicating intersections and curves; roadway speed limit signs; and new roadway markings to improve safety and highlight travel lanes. 
  • Fall 2021: School Zone Signs on Centre Street were replaced with signs with LED warning lights.
  • Summer 2021: The school funded roadway improvements to the intersection of Voses Lane and Centre Street to improve pedestrian connectivity and safety in the area by: narrowing the turn radius onto Voses Lane from Centre Street; installing a new sidewalk; and adding a Centre Street crosswalk with a pedestrian signal.
  • Spring 2019: The school also added flashing crossing signs between the Gun Hill parking lot and the sidewalk adjacent to Greenleaf Circle and Ware Hall.