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Dear Milton Academy alumni,

In addition to our work to ensure the safety of our current students, we remain committed to the healing of survivors of historic sexual abuse in our community. We write today to remind our alumni community of existing resources for reporting incidents of misconduct.

Milton remains open to receiving and investigating any allegation of sexual misconduct. Survivors and witnesses are encouraged to report abuse whenever they are ready and able to do so. In addition to those who participated in the T&M investigation in 2016–17, additional victims of Rey Buono, a faculty member from 1973–1987, have also reached out to report their experiences to Milton, and in each instance, Milton investigated the report, coordinated with law enforcement, and worked with the survivor to assist and support their healing process.

Although a trial date has not yet been set, the prosecution of Rey Buono for child abuse crimes is ongoing. We continue to encourage victims and witnesses to cooperate, to the extent they are able, with the efforts of law enforcement and the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office. The office can be reached at 781-830-4800. As we have noted previously, any individuals with information about Rey Buono or any other cases of sexual misconduct at Milton Academy can reach out to the following contacts at any time:

Detective Valter Pires, Milton Police Department at or (617) 898-4837
Laura Kirschstein, T&M USA, LLC. (investigative firm) at or 212-916-8852
Deborah Katz, T&M USA, LLC. (investigative firm) at or 646-445-7535
Deborah O’Toole, Chief Human Resources and Risk Officer of Milton Academy at or 617-898-2286

This information and relevant updates are available on Milton’s Healing and Safety Oversight webpage. In addition, we encourage you to pass this communication along to anyone you think may have something to report and who may not be in contact with Milton Academy.

Milton continues to undertake concrete actions to respect and support survivors of abuse and to ensure the well-being and protection of our students. We thank all members of Milton Academy’s remarkable, caring community for your support and encouragement.


Todd B. Bland
Head of School

Lisa Donohue
President, Board of Trustees