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This past weekend, members of Milton’s Robotics Team joined schools from across the United States and Canada to compete in the fifth annual WAVE tournament, a three-day Vex competition hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“With almost eighty teams, it is a truly competitive tournament, which sets it far apart from other events we have attended this year, so far,” says Hailey Coval (I). “It demands hard work, long hours, effort, commitment, creativity, practice, and talents.”

Milton’s team comprised of four robots and 15 students— including Adair Johnson, Hailey Coval, Sasha Westerfield, Jax Lee, Joey Mussali, Luke Mussali, Devan Agrawal, Elijah Allen, Anand Koulomzin, Sarina Miller, Immy Serifovic, Aidan Gao, Cooper Love, Dianne Cao, and Jay Son.

One of Milton’s groups, Team 1898A—which included Luke, Joey, Sarina, Anand, and Elijah—placed third on the skills list, earning them the rank of third in southern New England and twenty-fourth in the world.

Milton’s success at the WAVE tournament falls on the heels of huge wins in November’s Belmont Hills Invitational, where Milton’s teams ranked first, third, and sixth on the skills list and took home three trophies. Team 1898A won the double crown, and Team 1898R qualified for regionals.

View photos of Milton’s students competing in the Belmont Hill Invitational.