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Rudy Reyes ’90 is not a Milton lifer. In fact, he only attended the Upper School for his last two years of high school. In his time as a member of the Milton community, however, it has become clear that Milton Academy runs through his veins. And it was through his Milton experiences that Rudy learned a new way to approach learning and thinking, which set the stage for his academic career at Harvard, his professional career, and his advocacy work.

As Verizon’s southern and western vice president and deputy general counsel for state regulatory, government affairs, and local affairs, Rudy led negotiation efforts to have the City of Sacramento named one of the first 5G cities in the world, a landmark agreement that was repeated throughout California. The motivation and inspiration for Rudy’s milestone 5G negotiation: creating greater access to education through high-speed internet for marginalized communities.

Rudy’s focus on supporting education can be traced back to his start at Milton, fresh off the plane from Houston, Texas. He is grateful to this day for the financial aid that made it possible for him to attend and thrive at Milton Academy. That is where his journey to becoming a 17-year loyal donor to the Milton Fund began. “Milton gave me 100% financial aid including a grant for a two-week tour of Kenya, Africa, with the chamber singers in my rising Class I year (summer 1989). I give so that other students can have the same opportunity I was given,” says Reyes.

When asked about the impact Milton had on him, Rudy made it clear that he received more than just a diploma, “as an adoptive father myself, the way I think of my time at Milton was that Milton adopted me and gave me unconditional love and support during my time there. I had never experienced the academic rigor and whole-person support that Milton offered. And the discussions in the classroom were matched by equally illuminating discussions in the dorm.”

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