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Community in Action

Milton Academy’s students, families, and employees represent a rich tapestry of identities, perspectives, and experiences. The Department of Equity, Inclusion, and Justice works in partnership with every part of our K-12 community to build an inclusive, respectful, and caring school togetherThe principles and practices of an equitable and inclusive learning community are reflected within all our divisions, and the initiatives listed below provide a window into a selection of current, developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities.

For a closer look at DEIJ in each school division, click the images below:

Featured Initiatives

Faculty and Staff Education and Training

Adults in the Milton community engage in professional development on topics ranging from the creation of inclusive workspaces and classrooms to focused sessions addressing specific disciplines, roles, and areas of interest. In addition to in-house professional development, all Milton employees participate in a multi-day program with VISIONS, Inc., a nonprofit organization specializing in diversity and inclusion training and consulting. Affinity options for employees promote connection across multiple categories of identity including ability, gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Employees are also encouraged to participate in local and national conferences exploring equity and inclusion.

Affinity, Identity Exploration, Culture Groups

AAPI (Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander) Group

Black/African-American/African Decent Affinity

Biracial/Multiracial Group

CAFE (Cultural Awareness for Everyone)

Civic Ambassadors (students of all identities discuss equity and inclusion and design initiatives that make the community better)

Girls Empowerment Group

Jewish Affinity

Latinx/Hispanic Affinity

Learning Diversity Group

SAMENA (South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African students)

White Identifying Student Group

Alphabet Soup (students identifying as LGBTQIA+)

Asian Society

Biracial/Multiracial Affinity Group

Black Student Union (BSU)

BOLD (girls empowerment)

CAFE (Cultural Awareness for Everyone)

Christian Fellowship

First Generation American

GASP (Gender and Sexuality Perspectives)

Neurodiversity Group

Jewish Student Union

Latinx/Hispanic Affinity Space

Muslim Students Association

South Asian Affinity

Trans/Nonbinary Affinity Space

White Identifying Student Group

Advocates for Diverse Abilities

African Student Association

Asian Affinity

Asian Society

Brother/NB Bonding (affinity group to support Black boys and nonbinary students)

Caribbean Student Association

Christian Fellowship

GASP (Gender and Sexuality Perspectives)

International Affinity

International Student Association

Jaded Matrix (affinity group to support Black girls and nonbinary students)

Jewish Student Union

Latinx Association

LGBTQ+ Affinity

Multi (discussion group for biracial and multiracial students)

Muslim Student Association


SAGE (Students Advocating for Gender Equity)

SAMENA (South Asian, Middle Eastern (West Asian), and North African students)

Tang (students who have spent significant years in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan)

Adult Group on Gender (trans/nonbinary affinity)

Alliance of White Anti-racist Employees

Caregivers of People with Disabilities Group

Difference Affinity Group (focused on navigating Milton with visible or invisible disabilities, neurological differences, or mental health challenges)

Employees of Color

Jewish Affinity Group

LGBTQIA+ Affinity Space for Adults

Pan-Asian Affinity Group

Alumni of Color

APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) Parents, Guardians, and Alumni

Black Parents, Guardians, and Alumni

Caribbean Parents, Guardians, and Alumni

Christian Parents, Guardians, and Alumni

Jewish Parents, Guardians, and Alumni

LatinX Parents, Guardians, and Alumni

LGBTQIA+ Parents, Guardians, and Alumni

Parents and Guardians of Neurodiverse Students (US/MS)*

Parents and Guardians of Students of Color

White-Identifying Parents, Guardians, and Alumni