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20222023 Community Impact

Student Impact

Supporting our Students

Milton recognizes that learning outside the classroom is equally as important as the lessons taught inside the classroom. In this video, Can ’23 shares how he grew intellectually and personally thanks to his participation on the Speech and Debate Team. Our students have the resources and freedom to cultivate a passion, explore a new interest, examine different perspectives, and prepare for a successful future, thanks to donors like you.

Seeing History from New Angles

Your support enables small class sizes at Milton Academy, allowing students to dive deeper into their subject matter and build rapport with their teachers and classmates. As an international student from China, John ’23 grew up with little formal education about Chinese history. In the fall semester of his senior year, he enrolled in Mr. Lou’s Advanced History of Modern China course. John shares, “I viewed it as a great opportunity to systematically learn about the history of my own heritage.”

Mr. Lou’s conversation-based teaching style enabled the small class to engage with the material as they explored China’s history from the 17th century through the 20th century. The rigorous course load reinforced John’s learning of the topic, and every student’s input, facilitated under Mr. Lou’s guidance, often led to diverse and intriguing interpretations of history’s significance.

The course provided new skills, in and out of the classroom. John became a better writer, and the analytical skills he gained influenced how he viewed news and media. Though John’s time in Mr. Lou’s class was limited to one semester, it reframed his understanding of history and the world beyond Milton.


“Despite only having his class for a semester, Mr. Lou has shaped a different understanding of history that extends into other aspects of my life.”

—John ’23

The Tools for Growth

Diane ’24 embraces all that Milton has to offer, participating on the Speech and Debate team, playing volleyball, serving on the DEIJ sounding board, representing Milton as a Development Ambassador, and more. One of her favorite activities is co-chairing Stang Stories, Milton’s student-led podcast. “I think storytelling is essential to the Milton community, and Stang Stories is a great opportunity to connect with Milton alumni and see Milton as it was throughout the years,” says Diane.

Milton’s extracurricular opportunities have helped Diane grow, personally and academically. “I realized that Milton is not only a place for learning, but a safe space for discovery,” she shares. “Stang Stories has taught me a lot about effective communication, and I’ve learned how to manage my time better. Not only that, we’ve been given the resources to learn what it takes to create a great experience for our listeners.” Milton offers a diverse array of 100+ student clubs and activities that allow students to dive deeper into subjects, try new things, and build leadership skills.


“Milton has given me the tools to form meaningful connections, explore my academic interests, and create wonderful memories.”

—Diane ’24

Turning Vision into Reality

A few years ago, Benjamin ’24 attended a local TEDx conference and fell in love with the fundamental mission of the event: taking “ideas worth spreading” and bringing a community together through storytelling to effect positive change. He knew right away that he wanted to bring a similar experience to Milton.

Benjamin set to work building a team of his peers, his advisor, faculty members, and the Office of Development and Alumni relations to engage Milton’s alumni community to contribute their stories to TEDxMiltonAcademy. Along the way, Benjamin developed his leadership skills. He reflects, “I definitely learned how to set clear guidelines and talk in a way such that my voice is heard. I also gained a greater appreciation for the value of listening and how just that act offers dignity to another person.”

TEDxMiltonAcademy would not have been possible without the involvement of the entire Milton community, from students, faculty, and staff on campus to the volunteer alumni speakers and donors to the student experience. Benjamin shares, “I believe that the donors who facilitate student initiatives directly foster the growth of Milton leaders.”


“Our community is so varied and so interesting. We have so much to learn from one another, so much collective knowledge and opinion and experience—and this is a communal resource that should be celebrated and shared.”

—Benjamin ’24

Faculty and Staff Impact

Supporting our Educators

Committed, inspiring, and experienced faculty are Milton’s greatest asset. Our faculty is a strong community of educators, investing their time and talent in Milton and sharing their expertise with our students every day. Thanks to your support, Milton can continue to attract, retain, and fuel the work of faculty members like Jenny Hughes.

Making Connections for Growth

In May, Milton Academy participated in the Humanities Workshop’s Student Conference at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. Focusing on public and global health, the conference was the culminating event of the Humanities Workshop, a program involving a consortium of private and public schools in the Greater Boston area. Co-founder and English faculty member Lisa Baker shares, “My work with the Humanities Workshop this year has delivered the most impactful professional development. I work with teachers across Boston to ensure that humanities teaching impacts conversations about the social issues of our time.”

Lisa shares that this year’s Humanities Workshop was the most memorable yet. “Together, across our school divisions, we engaged in important work, ensuring that students see the critical connection between their classrooms and the urgent social issues that surround them.” Your thoughtful giving provides resources for faculty members like Lisa to bring their most innovative ideas forward, collaborate, and grow in their profession.


“I hope that students think of my instruction as caring, rigorous, responsible, and meaningful; that the work that they do in my classes matters to them and the people they are becoming; and that they leave feeling they have agency and power to narrate stories of self and others.”

—Lisa Baker P ’20 ’21 ’28

Equity in Athletics

Last fall, Milton Academy faculty members served as facilitators and panel speakers at the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference. Lamar Reddicks, director of athletics, presented on the role of athletics in the development of school culture as a positive force for engagement and initiating change. “I truly enjoyed my experience presenting at the AISNE conference. We had great attendance at our presentation and could have talked about this topic for hours. It was amazing to see how others felt that this was such an important topic,” says Lamar.

Leading the conversation with fellow Milton colleagues, Matt Lawlor and Melissa Lawlor, Lamar shares, “Working with Matt and Melissa was very meaningful to me because I felt we were totally aligned from start to finish.” Milton can continue to develop our important work around diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice by fostering leadership and educational opportunities for all members of the community thanks to you. Lamar reflects, “I am inspired about our investment in DEIJ initiatives because I believe we can create change.” 

“I could not be any more thankful that the donors have identified DEIJ as something that they want to support. DEIJ initiatives impact each and every one of us, and it is so important. Thank you!”

—Lamar Reddicks P ’26 ’29


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