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Benefits at a Glance

Health Insurance

Milton Academy offers health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The School offers three health plan options: the HMO Blue New England, Preferred Blue, and Access Blue. The Preferred Blue and Access Blue healthcare plans are high-deductible plans that qualify for a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Employer Contribution:

HMO Blue New England:
Individual: 95% of total monthly premium
2-Person: 70% of total monthly premium
Family: 70% of total monthly premium

Preferred Blue PPO Saver:
Individual: 95% of total monthly premium
2-Person: 70% of total monthly premium
Family: 70% of total monthly premium

Access blue New England Saver:
Individual: 95% of total monthly premium
2-Person: 70% of total monthly premium
Family: 70% of total monthly premium

Flexible Spending Accounts

The Academy offers a variety of Flexible Spending Accounts allowing employees to set aside pre-tax earnings to cover eligible medical, dental, vision, and dependent care expenses.

Dental Insurance

Milton Academy offers dental insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield – Dental Blue Freedom. The dental plan provides a $2,000 per person calendar year maximum with a $2,000 lifetime orthodontics benefit.

Vision Discount

Milton Academy offers a voluntary vision discount benefit through Blue Cross Blue Shield (plan administered by EyeMed). This benefit provides savings on routine eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and discounts on laser vision correction.

Retirement Savings Plan

Milton Academy’s 403(b) retirement plan is offered through TIAA. For qualifying employees, the Academy will make a core contribution of five percent, regardless of how much an employee contributes. The Academy will also match employee contributions up to three percent. Employee contributions can be designated as tax-deferred (pre-tax) contributions or Roth (post-tax) contributions. All employees are eligible to participate in the non-matching plan at any time. Employee contributions to the plan are voluntary and fully vested.

Life Insurance

A term life insurance policy with AD&D coverage is provided to all employees who are regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week, for at least the academic year. Coverage becomes effective 30 days following date or hire or date of eligibility. The benefit amount is $50,000 for full-time employees and $25,000 for part-time employees. Additional voluntary insurance coverage is offered to employees and their dependents.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible for the long-term disability insurance benefit provided by Milton Academy. Benefits are payable after six months of continuous disability and provide a 60 percent monthly base wages replacement with retirement income protection.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Need-based financial aid to Milton Academy is available to all employee children beginning in grade 6. All prospective employees who have questions about the admission process or applying for financial aid can contact the Dean of Enrollment and Financial Aid.


This information is reflective of current benefit offerings and is not a guarantee of any particular benefit, procedure, term or condition of employment. Milton Academy reserves the right to modify or revoke any and all of the plans described herein, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice.