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Interview Tips

Interviewing may sound like an intimidating experience, but our admission officers have a way of putting you at ease so you feel comfortable engaging in a real conversation. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your appointment:

Find a comfortable space where you can focus and won’t be too distracted.

What should I wear? Totally up to you. Milton Academy doesn’t have a dress code and neither does the interview.

Plan for about 45 minutes. The interview with you will be approximately 20 minutes, and then we will have time to speak with your parents or guardians.

Be yourself! Interviewers want to get to know the real you; here’s a chance to tell us about your interests, in and out of the classroom.

Put yourself out there. The interview is a chance to brag a little and share your passions.

Ask questions! We want to know the aspects of Milton you want to learn more about.