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Welcome to Milton!

About the Programs

International Student & Family Welcome Program (ISFW)

The International Student & Family Welcome Program (ISFW) is a non-residential program designed for students and families who have spent years living, studying, and working in a non-U.S. country or region. Milton values the diverse perspectives, multilingual competence and multicultural heritage of our international students and families. Meanwhile, Milton also recognizes the distinctive support our international students need to thrive in an American independent school thousand miles away from their homes and families.

Who is invited?
All new international students are invited to ISFW.

Is ISFW mandatory programming?
No, it is optional, but strongly encouraged for international students.

What else should I know about ISFW?
Check out our FAQs


Transitions provides students of color and international students an opportunity to meet each other prior to the orientation program designed for all new students. Transitions allows students to get to know the school, make new friends, and learn how to make Milton a home away from home – all before classes begin. Transitions goals are to:

  • Help new students begin to understand the role of culture and identity at Milton;
  • Introduce new students to upper class student mentors;
  • Provide a social foundation in a small setting with students from similar backgrounds;
  • Begin forming relationships with faculty and staff

Who is invited?
All new students of color and all new international students who may consider themselves a person of color in the U.S. context are invited to the Transitions.

Is Transitions mandatory programming?
No, it is optional, but strongly encouraged.

Where can I learn more about Transitions?
Check out our program FAQs
Follow the link for more on Diversity @ Milton

New Student Orientation (NSO)

Our New Student Orientation program brings all students new to Milton Academy’s Upper School on to campus for two days of orientation before the start of auditions, tryouts, and classes. Separate from the bustle of everyday life, students are given the opportunity to explore and familiarize themselves with campus. New students are also encouraged to meet their classmates and begin forming friendships while discussing what it means to be a part of a diverse and respectful community. Lastly, we begin to lay the foundational skills students will need to successfully navigate their coursework, as well as the support systems they can access as they learn and grow.

Returning students will join new students for convocation and the first day of classes.

Who is invited?
All new students are required to attend both days of NSO.

Is NSO an overnight program?
Yes, all new students, day and boarding will be housed on campus overnight.

If I’m a boarding student, when do I move into my permanent dorm room?
Boarding students move in to their permanent dorm when they first arrive on campus.

Where can I learn more about New Student Orientation?
Before you leave home, check out the additional info and our FAQs