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Class II News

Class II College Program

The Class II College Program will be held virtually on Sunday, December 4, from 9 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. All Class II students are expected to attend. The sessions will be recorded and invitations were sent out just prior to Fall Break. If you are a Class II parent who has not received an invitation, please contact Sandi Dunnington at


General Information


Info Sessions

For information gathering and research, students can:

  • find virtual visit and info session information in Schoology calendar
  • visit individual colleges’ websites

  • use books like the “Fiske Guide to Colleges”

Miscellaneous Information

Summer Opportunities: Cox Library keeps a collection of information about summer opportunities on file.  Please visit this link for more information. 


Milton Academy School Code is 221430
College Counseling Office phone number is 617-898-2310
College Counseling Office fax number is 617-898-1717