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ATS FAQ – Parents


Milton’s Device Strategy


Why does Milton require Upper School students to bring a laptop to class each day?


The expectation that all students have access to their laptops in class allows teachers to integrate technology into their classroom instruction in more expansive, creative and efficient ways. This policy also ensures that each student has a familiar device through which to make inquiry, investigation and iteration in the classroom most effective.

Why not require a single device for all Upper School students?

Milton’s approach allows families and students to select the device that works best for their needs.

What are the technical specifications? Which operating systems will be supported?

Technical Support

Where can students go to get support?

Milton’s ATS HelpDesk will assist any student in connecting their personal device to the Milton networks and in accessing any Milton technology available to them. ATS also helps students troubleshoot hardware and software problems. The HelpDesk may be able to perform minor repairs to personal computers, but these issues are often best resolved by the manufacturer while the computer is under warranty. If ATS support cannot repair a computer, they can provide advice or assist in contacting the manufacturer to begin the repair process.

What if my child’s computer needs to be charged at school?

We strongly encourage students to bring a fully charged computer to school each day. The School will provide power outlets around campus. Students will have access to shared machines in computer labs and other common areas, should the need arise.

If my child’s computer breaks and needs to be serviced, will Milton provide a machine for him or her to use in the interim?

On a first-come, first-served basis, Milton will provide a computer for your child’s use until such time as their computer is again in working order. Please note that the School’s supply of loaner machines is limited, and we expect students to make every effort to limit the time spent using a School-provided computer. Loaner machines will be available at Cox Library and through the ATS HelpDesk annex (located in Room SC303, on the upper level of the Student Center).

Should I get an extended warranty or insurance for my child’s computer?

Milton recommends carefully considering the insurance plans available for your child’s laptop. We recommend a policy that covers accidental damage in addition to normal wear and tear. You may also be able to add the computer to your homeowner’s insurance.

What if my child is studying at an off-campus program?

Off-campus programs (such as Chewonki or the Mountain School) have their own guidelines for device requirements and usage. We encourage you to contact the specific program about any requirements. Your child will need to have an approved device for their time at Milton.


Device Specifications

My child has an older laptop. Will it be sufficient for classwork at Milton?

Any device purchased in the last 36 months should be more than adequate for most students’ required school work. If you have questions or concerns about your specific device, please contact Milton’s ATS department at 617-898-1767.

Can my child use a Chromebook?

The Chromebook does not support software required in certain academic classes. For this reason, we do not recommend it as a student device in Milton’s Upper School.

What software will my child need?

Software will be made available to students once they begin classes. Through the school, students have access to free or reduced pricing on Microsoft Office and other products. Once students begin classes, they will be instructed in the appropriate installation of discipline-specific software.

What about antivirus software?

Milton Academy will make antivirus software available to all students for use on their personal computers. Students may also use their own antivirus software, provided it is on our list of acceptable software applications.


Financial Aid

Will Milton provide financial aid to support students in the purchase of a computer?

Milton’s financial aid process will consider the financial situation of each family annually, including needs that extend beyond tuition, room and board. If you have questions about financial assistance, please contact Chris Kane at 617-898-2239.