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Milton Fund volunteers open up on giving their time to Milton. Read why they’ve served as long-time volunteers for Milton’s Class Agent program.

01-nick_clarkNick Clark ’65
“My father graduated from Milton in 1915. He died when I was 12 years old, but it was a foregone conclusion that I would go to Milton. What I didn’t know until my 25th Reunion was that a group of his friends and The Dudley Fund supported my four years at the school. My career path has followed the poverty professions of teaching and museum work. I have never felt as if I had given back adequately. However, I understand the importance of alumni participation and how the school can use strong participation to leverage other giving.Our motto, Dare to be True, establishes an important moral compass. Milton has been extremely nimble in continually recognizing and adjusting to a new normal. I attended the student panel at my 45th Reunion and was so impressed with the students—their intelligence, talent, and humanity. Those students inspired me to ratchet up my commitment to the Academy. As you return to the School, follow it through Milton Magazine or even better the Web site, you will come to appreciate what a remarkable place it remains to be. Milton’s future is bright thanks to your continued commitment. I thank each of you for doing what you can do for Milton’s students today.”

03-jim_griffinJim Griffin ’83 “I have been active as a class agent since graduation, served on my reunion committees, and served two stints with the National Annual Giving Committee, most recently working to increase our percentage of graduates giving to the Milton Fund. The work connects me with my school, and with my classmates. I realize after I leave each Reunion how much I miss the more consistent contact with those classmates with whom I was friendly, and those to whom I was not as close, yet now have more in common. I pledge each reunion year to stay more connected, and so far that wish has paid off. I often ask myself why I continue to volunteer. It really comes down to my gratitude for the education I received and experience I had, which has prepared me well for my life as an adult. For my four years, Milton was an all-encompassing place where I grew and matured greatly. It was a place where I learned to study, lead, and partner with others, lessons that have served me well in life. And, like so many others, I could not have attended the School without the generosity of those graduates who came before me.

02-joanne_nikitasJoanne Montouris Nikitas ’76
“I graduated from Milton in 1976 and went on to be a member of the first freshman class of women at Amherst College. It did not strike me until years later (during law school) that my studies at Amherst were not as easy as I had thought—but rather it was that Milton had prepared me so well. I will forever be indebted to Milton not only for the education I received but also for the opportunity given to me to forge the lifelong friendships that I have made and will forever treasure. It is only fitting that the community that taught me the importance of volunteerism is the one that I am privileged to serve. I hope that my efforts enable many more students to have the ‘Milton Experience’ and all it has to offer. Go Mustangs!”

04-catharine_maclaren Catharine MacLaren ’87 “Volunteering for Milton provides a rewarding way to stay involved in a community that means a great deal to me; it’s a unique opportunity to connect with classmates, other alumni, and those currently working or studying at Milton.”


05-alejandro_amezcuaAlejandro Amezcua ’95
“I support Milton because of the stellar education and lifelong friendships that the School provided me. My Milton education prepared me to succeed at high levels in a challenging social and economic world. Volunteering is fun because it allows me to tap back into the lessons, friendships, and values that made my time at Milton special. It is not about relieving the glory days, but about promoting and cherishing the important contributions that Milton makes to young adults and our society.”