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Tuesday, April 21st – Will Livingston ’20 – Varsity Lacrosse

SRProfile Photo-WillL copyWhat is it that you love about lacrosse? Being able to compete every week with a great group of teammates.

What have you been doing to stay in shape? Trying to workout from home and go hiking.

Do you have any words or a message for your teammates? Keep working out and playing wall ball cause the season hasn’t been cancelled yet.

What are your college plans for next year? Going to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

What is the first thing you plan to do once the quarantine is over? Get a haircut.

What is your favorite show or movie you’ve watched over the past month? Friends.

When did you first start playing your sport? I started playing lacrosse in 7th grade.

What’s your favorite pregame food to eat? A chicken parm from David’s Pizza.

Is there an athlete in your sport that helped inspire you? No lacrosse player but I’ve always been a fan of Julian Edelman.

How has being an athlete made you a better student? Sports have helped me learn to manage my time and follow a schedule.

What is your favorite quote? “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem” – Jack Sparrow

If you had one word to describe you what would it be? Nervous.

What are some of the sacrifices you’ve made to be an athlete? I definitely haven’t been able to spend time with friends as much or had as much free time but it’s all been worth it.


Monday, April 20th – Jeanna Shaw ’20 – Varsity Track & Field

SRProfile Photo-JeannaSWhat is it that you love about Track? My favorite part about track is the team —Shoutout to the distance girls! I love the personal connections we are able to make as a smaller subset of the track team, and I really appreciate how supportive everyone is.

What have you been doing to stay in shape? I have been running on the Iron Horse Trail, which is a paved portion of what used to be part of the transcontinental railroad.

Do you have any words or a message for your teammates? I love you all and I’m sad we can’t run together, but I hope you will think about the support system we’ve built over however long you’ve been part of the team (1 week or 3 years) whenever you go on a run 🙂

What are your college plans for next year? I will be attending Harvard College next year.

What is the first thing you plan to do once the quarantine is over? Get a slice of combo pizza from Costco.

What is your favorite show or movie you’ve watched over the past month? Grey’s Anatomy! I’m caught up and have also been rewatching the earlier seasons for the fifth time.

What do you feel are your biggest strengths as an athlete? I try to push myself to improve every week, and I love to cheer on the other runners.


When did you first start playing your sport? Freshman year

What song do you listen to that gets you hyped for your sport? Unpopular opinion, but podcasts are great when I run. My favorite is Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell.

What’s your favorite pregame food to eat? Friday night ice cream from Forbes (and also oranges)

Is there an athlete in your sport that helped inspire you? My brother- he is also a distance runner and inspires me to keep pushing myself because he always believes I can go faster or further even when I feel like I have nothing left to give.

How has being an athlete made you a better student? Running has taught me about perseverance and self-empathy, as well as the importance of building supportive relationships.

If you had one word to describe you what would it be? Compassionate

What are some of the sacrifices you’ve made to be an athlete? I’ve only really sacrificed time and energy, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Past Week's Senior Profiles - Class of 2020

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Tuesday, April 14th – Katherine Walker ’20 – Varsity Softball

SRProfile Photo-KatherineWWhat is it that you love about softball? I love the fun and supportive atmosphere of the team and how there’s always room for improvement both individually and collectively.

What have you been doing to stay in shape? Coach and the senior members of the team have been working together to create a weekly team workout schedule which I’ve been following. I’ve also been taking my dog Holly on a lot of walks!

Do you have any words or a message for your teammates? Thank you for a great three seasons together! Though I’m sad to miss my senior season, I’ve had so much fun both playing with and making friends with my teammates and coaches these past years. I hope to see everyone as soon as possible!

What are your college plans for next year? Still deciding!

What is the first thing you plan to do once the quarantine is over? When quarantine is over, the first thing I hope to do is catch up with my teammates and friends!

What is your favorite show or movie you’ve watched over the past month? My favorite show is How I Met Your Mother and a favorite movie that I’ve enjoyed recently is Shutter Island.

What do you feel are your biggest strengths as an athlete? I feel like I’ve gotten better at staying out of my head and not letting one mistake I’ve made affect my next play.

When did you first start playing your sport? I first started playing when I was 5 years old.

What song do you listen to that gets you hyped for your sport? Nice For What by Drake

What’s your favorite pregame food to eat? My favorite pregame snack is peanut butter and banana on toast.

Is there an athlete in your sport that helped inspire you? My Dad and brother played baseball through college so growing up around people who love the game and work so hard always inspired me to be the best I can be. As for softball, I was inspired growing up by watching Jennie Finch succeed enormously with the Arizona Wildcats and later Team USA before becoming an ESPN commentator, showing how far hardwork and passion can take you.

How has being an athlete made you a better student? With all of the time commitments of playing a sport, athletes need to be pretty disciplined with their school work. Playing softball has taught me better time management skills and how to balance working hard in school and at my sport.

What is your favorite quote? Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

If you had one word to describe you what would it be? Adventurous

What are some of the sacrifices you’ve made to be an athlete? The biggest sacrifice I’ve had to make as an athlete is my time and attention, but dedicating these to my sport has always been worth it. _________________________________

Monday, April 13th – John McLaughlin ’20 – Varsity Baseball

SRProfile Photo -JonMcL What is it that you love about Baseball? I’ve always loved to compete, and Milton has given me the chance to play at one of the highest levels of baseball in New England. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by great coaches along with teammates that have turned into lifelong friends.

What have you been doing to stay in shape? I try to either run, lift weights, or stretch out every day since quarantine has started. Getting outside to throw or hit has been a great way to use all the time I now have.

Do you have any words or a message for your teammates? I want to thank my teammates for being some of my closest friends I’ve made during my time at Milton. I remember the butterflies in my stomach coming to tryouts freshman year, and also how quickly they vanished due to the fun-nature of the team. The hard work, humor, and competitive attitude of the Milton baseball family has been more than I could have asked for.

What are your college plans for next year? Next year I will be attending Boston College.

What is the first thing you plan to do once the quarantine is over? The first thing I’m going to do once quarantine is over is hang out with friends and hopefully get back on Nash Field.

What is your favorite show or movie you’ve watched over the past month? My favorite show I’ve watched over the past month is Money Heist, which is a spanish show about a group of thieves attempting to rob the Mint of Spain.

What do you feel are your biggest strengths as an athlete? I think my biggest strengths as an athlete are my dedication and enjoyment for the sports I play. All the time I’ve put into sports never feels like a job or an annoyment, instead I look forward to competing and bettering myself along with my teammates.

When did you first start playing your sport? I started playing baseball when I was five years old.

What song do you listen to that gets you hyped for your sport? Nobody Hold Me by NBA Youngboy

What’s your favorite pregame food to eat? My favorite pregame food is a Gatorade Protein bar.

Is there an athlete in your sport that helped inspire you? Joe Kelly and Dustin Pedroia are two of my favorite players. I admire Pedroia’s hard work and confidence, and I try to play with as much energy and joy as Joe Kelly.

How has being an athlete made you a better student? Being an athlete has taught me self-discpline, time management, and pushing myself to be the best I can be. Playing high school sports forces you to develop healthy habits and a strong work ethic, especially when taking on the rigor of Milton classes.

What is your favorite quote? My favorite quote is from Teddy Roosevelt- “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

If you had one word to describe you what would it be? Friendly

What are some of the sacrifices you’ve made to be an athlete? I’ve had to sacrifice some time with family and friends for practices, saturday games, and far-away tournaments, but have never seen these things as much of a burden. Although I might miss out on some things, playing baseball with my friends isn’t beat by much, and I’m praying for some sort of season to begin in May.

Fall 2019 Mustangs of the Week
2017-18 Mustangs of the Week Archive

November 6 – November 12

Andriana Velmahos ’18 (V Volleyball)

Andriana has been a leader on the varsity volleyball team all season, and this past week was no different.  She lead the team’s offense with multiple kills and service points.  Defensively, she tallied 17 digs this past week for the Mustangs and received a number of serves to set up an assist for her teammates.  Andriana’s court knowledge and awareness on the court will be greatly missed next year.

Jack Higgins ’18 (V Soccer)

In his first career start, Jack scored the first two goals in a vital 5-1 win over Nobles, which helped the team earn a spot in the NEPSAC tournament.  The first goal came less than 2 minutes into the game and helped get the Mustangs off to a dream start.  His incredible header goal 5 minutes later only furthered that momentum and, ultimately, it proved to be the game winner.  It was a stellar and clutch performance from a senior leader who has done a great a job all season long.

Honorable Mentions: Justin Greene ’20 – JV Football .. Zoe Malouf  ’21 – 3rd Soccer .. Vicker DiGravio ’19 – V Football .. Alec Beesmer ’18 – V Football .. Andrew Fearey ’19 – V Football

October 30 – November 5

Nasib McDonald ’20 (V Soccer)

Nasib McDonald had an outstanding week for the boys varsity soccer team.  He assisted on two of the team’s three goals, scored in a win over St. George’s on Wednesday and on Friday he scored the game winning goal against Governor’s. Nasib’s dynamic attacking play and strong defensive work have been invaluable to his team all season and were particularly noteworthy this past week.

Blair Englert ’20 (V Soccer)

Blair Englert has filled many different roles for the girls varsity soccer team this year and this week she did a great job in all three games, helping her team to a big 2-0 win over St Georges on Wednesday. At times she was the deepest defender, sometimes she was marking a dangerous player, and she also helped lead the team’s attack from the midfield. Hard-working and skillful, Blair played great all week.

Honorable Mentions: Kenya Mathieu ’19 – JV Cross Country

October 23 – October 29

Laura Bailey ’19 (JV Field Hockey)

As one of the captains of JV Field Hockey, Laura is a shining example for her teammates to follow.  She is always early to practice and is one of the hardest workers on the team.  She recently helped her team to an exciting 1-0 win over Newton Country Day School as a steady defender and great leader on the team

JJ Mun ’19 (V Football)

JJ helped the varsity football team to a 41-12 win over Tabor this past Saturday.  JJ was 2 for 2 on field goals, from 33 and 39 yards, a perfect 5 for 5 on extra points and handled all the punting and kick off duties for the team.  So far this season, JJ is a perfect 8 for 8 on field goal attempts.

Honorable Mentions: Kyle Santiago ’20 – V Football.

October 16 – October 22

Joey Fadule ’21 (JV Football)

Joey Fadule has helped the JV Football team get off to a solid 2-2 start to the season. Despite having a bye week, this past week Joey excelled in practice for the JV team as our quarterback and leader.  Joey is an extremely hard worker and has a great knack for reading coverages for a young player.  In a recent win vs. Tabor, Joey threw for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Ky Daniels ’19 (JV Volleyball)

Kyrah Daniels helped JV Volleyball to two more wins last week, improving their record to 8-1 on the season. Ky has improved greatly since the beginning of the season and has become a key starting player on the team. More importantly, Ky is a great teammate and player. She is always helping others and asking how she can improve upon her skills. Also, on several occasions, Ky has gotten us the game winning kill!

Honorable Mentions: Jimmy Delano ’18 – Hack Soccer

October 9 – October 15

Grace Li ’20 (V Volleyball)

Grace Li was a vital member of the varsity volleyball team’s offense and defense this past week.  Grace led the team in serving, earning 11 aces in the team’s last three games against St. Paul’s, BB&N, and Newton Country Day.  Grace additionally tallied kills in all three games, playing both the rightside hitter position and the middle hitter position.  Defensively Grace shored up our back row, receiving over 35 serves in the three games alone.  Grace had some remarkable digs against the impressive St. Paul’s front row, totaling over 25 digs over the three games.  In the front row, Grace shut down the opponent’s offense with 4 blocks this week and numerous tip and off-the-block ball recoveries.

Danny Little ’18 (V Cross Country)

On Saturday, in front of a Parent’s Weekend crowd at Cunningham Park, Danny ran away from the competition and won the 5K varsity race comfortably. This was a true breakout race for Danny and the varsity boys cross country team. Danny ran a personal best time, and more importantly his competitiveness and drive led the rest of the team to perform better. 77% of the team ran their fastest home course time and Danny led the way. With his performance, Danny solidly placed himself among the ISL individual leaders. Danny, as a co-captain of the team, has been a superb leader all-season long.

Honorable Mentions: Ryan Manning ’19 – V Soccer .. John Minicus ’18 – V Football

October 2 – October 8

Ellie Mraz ’21 (V Cross Country)

Ellie Mraz had another outstanding performance for the varsity girls cross country team, in a meet with Rivers and Southfield.  Due to a late bus, Ellie was unable to tour the course and had to run it blind.  She battled a tough competitor from Rivers throughout the entire race, and she finished in second place with a finish time of 20:32.

Jack Czarniak ’18 
(V Football)

Jack had another outstanding game for the Mustangs varsity football team on Friday night, helping the team to a 42-6 rout of Roxbury Latin.  Jack amassed 15 solo tackles on defense in a dominating performance.  Teammate Tom Urquhart ’18 says that Jack is the best defensive player with whom he has ever played.

Honorable Mention: JV Volleyball Team

September 25 – October 1

Ella O’Hanlon ’21 (3rd Soccer)

Ella has helped the 3rd girls soccer team get off to an undefeated start to the season with two dominating wins last week.  Ella has proven herself to be a scoring sensation on the team. She tallied at least three goals in each of the team’s first two games.

Carlos Alvarado ’21 (JV Soccer)

Carlos had a legendary performance for the JV Boys Soccer Team against Thayer on Wednesday, scoring all 5 goals in a 5-1 win.  He has been an outstanding performer for the team all season and his skillful attacking play has been a huge part of the team’s success thus far.

Honorable Mention: Ellie Mraz ’21 (V Cross Country), Izzy Lareau ’18 (V Field Hockey)

September 18 – September 24

Jack Sullivan ’20 (JV Cross Country)

Jack returned to Milton for his sophomore year determined to be the best runner and teammate he can be and to have a positive impact on his team.  On Saturday, Jack raced in the Junior Varsity race against strong teams from BBN, St. George’s and Thayer. With a keen sense of self and home course awareness, Jack ran a very smart race staying within himself over the first two miles and pushing the gas to the floor for the final mile. With 3/4 of a mile to go Jack had methodically moved up to second place but still had significant ground to make up on the leader. Jack never gave up and used his knowledge of the course as well as his strength of character to hunt the leader down and win the race, helping the JV Team defeat all three opponents!

Devon Park ’18 (V Field Hockey)

Devon helped the Varsity field hockey team remain undefeated.  With her help and strong play team earned a 5-3 win over Lawrence.  Devon played stellar defense all game and when moved into a new role on a corner, she also tallied a goal for the Mustangs.

Honorable Mention: John Minicus ’18 – V Football

September 18 – September 24

Claire Dudley ’18 (V Field Hockey)

Claire set the tone for Varsity Field Hockey this week, in a 2-0 week for the team with two huge Class A wins to start the season. On Wednesday vs. Taft she displayed great leadership and work ethic and tallied a goal in a 5-0 win. On Saturday, Claire had 5 goals and 1 assist in a 6-3 win, with her first goal coming just 2:12 into the game, and she was dominant everywhere on the field.


Beck Kendig ’20 (V Soccer)

Beck played an outstanding game in the season opening win for Boys Varsity Soccer over Exeter.  He scored the lone goal, which was the game winner, while also displaying incredible work rate on both sides of the ball.  It was a huge performance which helped the team start off the season on the right foot.

Honorable Mention: Serena Fernandopulle ’19 – V Soccer

2016-17 Mustangs of the Week Archive

April 24 – April 30

Mary Thompson ’19 (V Softball)

This past week Mary caught 3 games in 3 days for the varsity softball team, and the team was 3-0 in those games. In that time, she batted an incredible 8 for 10 (0.833 on base percentage) including a double and 3 home runs in a single game. Mary also tallied 2 walks, 8 RBIs and had 6 runs scored.

Mike Silva ’17 (V Track & Field)

Mike Silva broke the school record in the 100m dash, helping the varsity track team to another successful meet.

Honorable Mentions: Ugur Garol ’20 – 3rd Tennis .. Amy Shohet ’19 – V Lacrosse

April 17 – April 23

Katie Burke ’17 (V Track & Field)

Katie had an outstanding day for the varsity track team and won all three of her events in a meet against Tabor, Middlesex, and Marianapolis.  She won the long jump with a mark of 17-7.5, the triple with a mark of 31-7.5, and the 100 high hurdles with a time of 18.9 seconds.

Matt Rebuck ’19 (V Lacrosse)

Matt tallied three goals including the overtime gamewinner to help the Mustangs varsity lacrosse team earn the win over Middlesex

Honorable Mentions: Daniel Suter ’20 – V Golf

April 10 – April 16

John Minicus ’18 (V Track & Field)

This past Saturday at Tabor Academy, John guided his team to a victory and outperformed his competition by placing 1st in all 3 field events in which he competed. John jumped 20’10” in the Long Jump, threw a whopping 150’9″ in the Javelin and set a personal best mark of 42’7″ in the Triple Jump. John is a vital asset to the team and they rely on his leadership and domination.

Meaghan Steck ’18 (V Lacrosse)

Meaghan has brought immeasurable intensity to games this spring for the varsity lacrosse team. Her reliability in getting the draw is essential to the team’s game and having possession of the ball. Meaghan is challenging her teammates and raising the level of play through her attitude,  leading by example.

Honorable Mentions: Matt Tabor ’17 – V Baseball .. Ryan Vyas ’19 – V Golf .. Matt Rebuck ’19 – V Lacrosse

April 3 – April 9

Finley Congdon ’17 (V Track & Field)

Finn helped the Girls Track Team Place First in all 3 throwing events at the annual Thayer Relays on Saturday, an accomplishment the team had never done before.  He finished in 1st place in both the Javelin and Discus and had a 2nd place finish in the Shot-Put.

TJ Brennan ’17 (V Lacrosse)

TJ had 15 saves against Rivers on Saturday.  Even though the game was lost, TJ was a bright point making big saves throughout the entirety of the game keeping Milton close.

Honorable Mentions: Danny Xiao ’18 – JV Tennis .. Josh Katz ’17 – V Baseball .. Jimin Kang ’19 – V Baseball .. Peter Sakelleris ’19 – V Baseball

WINTER 2016-17 Mustangs of the Week

February 26 – March 3

Varsity Ski Team

The boys and girls varsity skiers accomplished an amazing feat this season.  Both teams won the New England Championships in the same year!  It was a spectacular season for skiing.

Varsity Boys Basketball Team

The boys varsity basketball team had a solid season and earned a spot in the New England tournament, falling to Exeter in the semifinals.

Varsity Boys Hockey

For the second straight season, the varsity boys hockey team earned a berth in the New England tournament.  This year they finished their season in the quarterfinals.

February 20 – February 26

Mary Howley ’20 (V Swimming)

Mary raced to two personal bests and helped the medley relay to break the oldest Milton school record.  Mary finished 7th in New England in the 100 fly with a personal best of 58.15.  She finished 25th in New England in the 100 back with a personal best of 1:02.00.  And Mary swam the fly leg in a Milton Record setting medley relay of Magann, McEvoy, Howley and Delano with a time of 1:52.03.

JJ Batt ’18 (V Swimming)

JJ set two school records at the New England Championships.  He finished 10th in New England in the 200 IM with a school record time of 1:56.22.  And JJ swam the fly leg in the record setting medley relay of Dillon Pang, Jia, Batt and Hannah with a time of 1:40.30.

Honorable Mentions: Vicker Digravio ’19 – JV Basketball .. Maria Dimartinis ’17 – V Hockey .. Bobby Beniers ’17 – V Hockey.

February 12 – February 19

Sarah Willwerth ’17 (V Squash)

After suffering what would be a season ending injury when she tore a ligament in her dominant right wrist, Sarah switched over and began to play left-handed.  Through dogged effort and determination, she has proceeded to earn a spot high up on the varsity squash ladder and garnered two of our four wins against two tough opponents this past weekend, Andover and Choate, along with wins against St. George’s and BB&N.  While her growth and play with her weak hand has been remarkable, it is her competitive spirit and desire to stay on court with her teammates that is most impressive and inspirational.

Tom Urquhart ’18 (V Basketball)

Tom had a great week for our boys basketball program. As one of the leaders on our team Tom is asked to do a lot both on and off the court for us. A lot of things that aren’t measured with stats, but help a team to be successful, is who and what Tom represents for us. Last week we needed a player to be shut down. Tom was the man for the job and did it selflessly. He’s been consistent with this type of leadership and selfless play for us all season and is one of the reasons for our successful season!

Honorable Mentions: Nia Atkins ’17 – V Basketball .. Jen Costa ’17 – V Hockey

February 1 – February 11

Destiny Rosas ’17 (Wrestling)

Destiny wrestled in the Girls Only New England invitational last week. The very competitive tournament fielded schools from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine.  Destiny finished second overall in the tournament, just seconds away from winning.  She has been a four year wrestler at Milton and this is a great achievement in her final season with the team.

Evan Scales ’17 (JV Hockey)

Evan is a leader in the locker room and on the ice for the JV Boys Hockey team.  He shows up to the rink every day with a positive mindset that is felt by all of his teammates, being the first on the ice and keeping the mood positive in the locker room.  Friday night, in a close game against BB&N, Evan scored a shorthanded goal to bring the team within one.  From blocking the shot, to scoring on the breakaway,  it was an exciting moment in the JV Hockey season!

Honorable Mentions: Nia Atkins ’17 – V Basketball .. Raneem El Torky ’17 – V Squash .. Allie Reed ’17 – V PE .. Julia Johnson ’19 – V Hockey

January 16 – January 22

Robert Skinner ’19 (JV Basketball)

Despite playing only the first half  for the JV boys basketball team, before moving up for second half of the varsity game, point guard Robert Skinner had his imprints all over the team’s 54-38 win over St. Mark’s last Friday.  Robert scored 19 points in only 12 minutes of action and set the tone with his hard play and aggressive defense.  Robert was vital to the team’s victory and has been an outstanding teammate.

Ellie Lachenauer ’17 (V Basektball)

Ellie was voted an All-Star in girls varsity basketball’s win against St. Marks and was the overall leading scorer in that game. Despite playing with four player fouls in the second half during a pivotal time in the game, Lachenauer persevered and showed incredible leadership. She finished the game on the floor and led her team to victory.

Honorable Mentions: Jen Costa ’17 – V Hockey

January 9 – January 15

Emma Drisko ’20 (V Hockey)

In her first game with a regular role for the varsity girls ice hockey team, Emma scored two goals including the gamewinner in a 3-0 win over Groton in a crucial ISL matchup.  Emma’s energy and effort also earned her the team’s hard hat award for the game.

Steve O’Connor ’17 (V Hockey)

Stevie had two assists for the varsity boys hockey team in their Wednesday win over St. Paul’s.  He followed that up with three goals (natural hat trick) in win over Moses Brown.  Stevie was also a strong penalty killer in both games.

Honorable Mentions: Sophie Lachenauer ’20 – V Basketball .. Matt Ryan ’20 – V Skiing

January 1 – January 8

Bobby Beniers ’17 (V Hockey)

With the game tied 1-1 vs Hill School at Tabor Tourney for boys varsity hockey, the team shorthanded and only 7 seconds left in overtime, there is a face off in the defending zone.  Bobby wins the puck on the face-off and goes the length of the ice to score with just 3 seconds to go, and earns the team the overtime win.   Coach Cannata stated, “I have never seen something like this in 30 years.”

Sophia Greenway ’17 (V Squash)

Sophia won her first match of 2017 in dramatic fashion.  Playing in one of her first official varsity matches, she showed great resilience in coming back from losing her first game 11-1, to win her next three games, and the match against Dana Hall.  In so doing she not only showed great belief and perseverance, but she also played the best squash she has played in her Milton career.  Her performance helped inspire the team to an important 7-0 win over a talented Class A opponent.

Honorable Mentions: Jen Costa ’17  – V Hockey

November 28 – December 4

Ellie Lachenauer ’17 (V Basketball)

As a Senior Captain, Ellie took charge in the Girls’ Varsity Basketball home opener against New Hampton School. Ellie led the team with 10 points , 7 rebounds and 4 steals. She is well versed in all offensive areas of the game, from her midrange shot and her ability to finish around the rim. Defensively, she uses her athleticism and court awareness to make reads and anticipate the steal. Ellie leads by example and raises the level of play of everyone around her.

Dylan Paul ’17 (V Wrestling)

Dylan had a dominant first period pin to win his match at the 152 lb weight class in the home opener for the varsity wrestling team.

Honorable Mentions: Sarah Shen ’17 – JV Hockey .. Isabel Basow ’17 – JV Hockey .. Izzy Lareau ’18 – JV Hockey .. Zoe Katz ’20 – JV Hockey

FALL 2016 Mustangs of the Week

November 14 – November 20

Elina Thadhani ’17 (V Soccer)

Elina was a force down the stretch for varsity girls soccer and kept her terrific play going in the New England quarterfinal playoff game.  Playing the key role of defensive midfield, Elina consistently won balls and stopped the Worcester attack through the middle of the field.  Elina was terrific at challenging for 50/50 balls and getting the team’s offense started.

Ryan Manning ’19 (V Soccer)

Ryan Manning was phenomenal in net for the boys varsity soccer team in the quarterfinal game against the eventual New England Champs, Berkshire School.  He made a number of fantastic saves that kept the team in the game and allowing them to mount a comeback.  Were it not for his strong play, the scoreline would have been very different and, on the whole, he was arguably the best player on the field that day.

Honorable Mentions: Boys Varsity Soccer .. Girls Varsity Soccer

October 31 – November 6

Christina Sakellaris ’17 (V Soccer)

Christina had three great games last week for varsity girls soccer, holding opponents to a single goal as the team went 2-0-1.  Christina made several huge saves to keep us in the game on Friday after we went down by a goal in the first five minutes allowing the team to battle back and even the score in the second half.  Her steady work has given the team confidence to play a more attacking style and that has paid off.

Offensive Line (V Football)

The Offensive line for the varsity football team showed excellent run blocking skills on Saturday, helping the Mustangs to earn 455 yards rushing on the day, in a crucial 42-18 win over Governors, keeping their bowl hopes alive going into the rivalry game with Nobles this week.  The Offensive line is comprised of Allan Rappleyea ’17, Kevin Crabtree ’17, Anthony Gallagher ’18, Jack Czarniak ’18, JJ Bussgang ’18 and Tristan Manuel’ 17

Defensive Corps (V Field Hockey)

In a huge week for varsity field hockey, the defensive corps only allowed two goals, helping the team to a 3-0 week.  The group includes defenders, Madeleine Jordan ’18, Emily Panarese ’18 and Devon Park ’18, along with goaltenders Abby Furdak ’17 and Izzy Lareau ’18.  The solid play kept the team in games and allowed them to  pull out crucial victories over top ranked opponents, which puts them back in the hunt for the New England playoffs.

Mike Silva ’17 (V Football)

Mike rushed for 395 yards and 5 touchdowns in varsity football’s 42-18 win over Governor’s.  That single game rushing performance is the 11th best all-time in Massachusetts high school football history.

Honorable Mentions: Catie  Wise ’17 – V Field Hockey .. Kaja Hartwell ’17 – Varsity Field Hockey

October 24 – October 30

Amira Brown ’19 (JV Volleyball)

Amira had a very strong week for JV Volleyball helping the team to an undefeated week, winning three matches, capped off by a come from behind win over Nobles 3-1.  Over the course of the week Amira averaged, 5 kills per game, 12 digs per game, 7 aces per game and 2 blocks per game, including some timely points.

Jack Czarniak ’18 (V Football)

Jack had an outstanding game from his linebacker position on the varsity football team, leading the defense in a 24-13 win over St Sebastian’s on Saturday.  Jack had an impressive 17 solo tackles in the game, 2 sacks, 3 tackles for a loss and 3 assisted tackles.

Honorable Mentions: Catie  Wise ’17 – V Field Hockey .. Chloe Brenner ’20 – 3rd Soccer .. Ainsley Iwanicki ’20 – 3rd Soccer

October 17 – October 23

Ryan Manning ’19 (V Soccer)

Ryan has been a huge part of the success of the varsity boys soccer team this season.  His leadership, toughness and skillful play in the net has been invaluable.  He currently is the league leader in the ISL in terms of goals against per game and his strong play in net over three games last week was a huge factor in the team going undefeated in that span.

Tara O’Malley ’20 (V Cross Country)

Tara ran a very strong race for the varsity girls cross country team this past Saturday.  She finished 14th overall and second on the team.  Her time was 21:24, only a second behind Milton’s lead runner and one crucial second ahead of a Winsor runner.

Honorable Mentions: Jen Costa ’17 – V Soccer .. Samantha Cody ’20 – 3rd Field Hockey .. Malia Chung ’20 – 3rd Soccer

October 10 – October 16

Devon Noble ’20 (3rd Soccer)

Devon’s impressive determination and speed resulted in her scoring 3 goals for the 3rd girls soccer team against Middlesex on Friday leading the team to a 6-0 victory. The victory helped keep the team undefeated this season and Devon is currently the only player on the team with a hat trick.

Carter Rice ’20 (JV Football)

Carter has been outstanding this season for JV Football, helping them to a perfect 4-0 record so far.  This past week Carter led the team to a 41-0 win over Tabor.  He amassed 190 yards on offense with two touchdowns, and had 7 tackles on defense.

Honorable Mention: Freddy Okito ’17 – V Football .. Katie Paul ’20 – 3rd Soccer

October 3 – October 9

Jack O’Brien ’18 (V Soccer)

Jack scored all three goals for the varsity boys’ soccer team as they earned two important ISL wins last week over Groton and St. Sebastian’s.  More importantly, his leadership, toughness and tremendous work rate have helped set the tone for the team on both sides of the ball.

Lanie Cherry ’20 (V Soccer)

Lanie has stepped into the role of starting central defender on the girls varsity soccer team and has done a great job.  This past week she faced 2 all-ISL forwards in our game at Groton and held them scoreless and backed that up helping the team to another shut-out on Saturday against Exeter.

Honorable Mention: Devon Park ’18 (V Field Hockey)

September 26 – October 2

Alec Beesmer ’18 (V Football)

Alec led the varsity football team to their second straight win to start the season, 34-19 over a strong Brooks squad.  Alec was a perfect 5-5 through the air, for 82 yards passing.  He also carried the ball 8 times for 59 yards and scored a touchdown from his quarterback position.

Emma Murphy ’18 (V Field Hockey)

Emma has been a force in the midfield for the varsity field hockey team this season. She has a strong presence in the offensive end and has been great in the defensive circle also. Her all around team play this season has been fantastic and last Wednesday (in the team’s only game of the week), she scored the game winning overtime goal against Thayer to help the team earn their first win of the season, 1-0.

Honorable Mentions: Margot O’Marrah ’20 – 3rd Soccer .. Jake Atwood ’17 – V Soccer

September 19 – September 25

Teddy Beaudoin ’17 (V Cross Country)

Teddy led the varsity Boy’s Cross Country team on Saturday with a decisive win in a race including Middlesex, Lawrence and St. Sebastian’s. Teddy set the pace right from the start and controlled the race throughout. This win was Teddy’s first career win in an extremely competitive ISL.  As a team Captain, Teddy shows exemplary leadership in competition and in our day to day training.

Kendelle Grubbs ’20 (3rd Field Hockey)

The freshman field hockey team had their first game last week against Middlesex.  Kendelle played goalie for the first time ever and earned a shut out for the team leading them to a 3-0 win.  Kendelle is a great athlete and has a positive attitude on and off the field.

Honorable Mentions: Mike Silva ’17 – V Football .. Dani Black ’17 – V Soccer.. Lily Wright ’19 – V Cross Country

September 12 – September 18

Brie Lawson ’17 (V Soccer)

On Saturday Brie scored a terrific free-kick goal to seal a 2-0 opening game win for the varsity girls soccer team.  Brie played with skill and purpose throughout the game and helped get the team started with a good showing in our first game.

The Mustang (Varsity Spirit)

The new mustang has brought some revived school spirit to games and campus events.  Watch soon for naming contest!

Honorable Mentions: Rebecca Bower ’18 – JV Field Hockey, Kat Stephan ’19 – JV Field Hockey, Julia Johnson ’19 – JV Field Hockey

2015-16 Mustangs of the Week Archive

May 23 – May 29

Morty Fearey ’16 (V Lacrosse)

Morty had 12 goals and 6 assists in his final 3 games as a Mustang on the varsity boys lacrosse team, setting the all time school scoring record at 171 points in the process. Morty scored the final point of his career with 35 seconds left in the Nobles game to break a 10-10 tie and secure the huge upset win for the Mustangs.

Emma James ’18 (JV Softball)

Emma went 4 for 5 at the plate with 3 RBIs against Nobles leading the JV Softball team to a win in their final game.
Emma is an intimidating catcher, very few teams even attempt to run on her.  She is a very solid player with a strong bat and a vocal leader behind the plate, and has been a key to the success of the team this season.

Honorable Mentions: Isaac Goldings ’19 – 3rd Tennis

May 16 – May 22

John Minicus ’18 (V Track & Field)

John shattered the school record in the long jump this week at the New England Track Championships.  After breaking the record by an inch on an earlier jump, John came back and broke the existing record by almost a foot, with a jump of 22’10.25″.

Varsity Girls Tennis Team

For the third straight year, the varsity girls tennis team hoisted the New England Championship trophy this past week.  In a close match in the final against Andover, with only 2 individual matches left to be decided, Te Palandjian ’17 clinched the title for the team by winning a third set tie-breaker, and the court was stormed by the mass of fans in attendance.  The official final score was 5-3.

Honorable Mentions: Devon Park ’18 – V Lacrosse .. Buddy Mrowka ’17 – V Baseball .. Isaac Fossas ’17 – V Baseball .. Brandon Li ’19 – 3rd Tennis

May 9 – May 15

Dom Cozier ’16 (V Track & Field)

In his final year as a Mustang, Dom has been a dominant force all season.  This past Saturday at St. Paul’s, the Boy’s Track & Field team won the ISTA Championship.  Dom guided his team to a victory and outperformed his competition by winning the 100m dash and the 200m dash, and came in 2nd in the Long Jump. He was also a part of the winning Boy’s 4x100m relay team that shattered the Milton Academy and ISL/ISTA record with a time of 43.15.

Varsity Sailing Team

Over the weekend the Varsity Sailing team traveled to Charleston, SC and placed 4th in the High School National Fleet Racing Championships. That is 4th out of 573 active teams. The team beat every other team that represented New England and were tied for 3rd place going into the last race.

Honorable Mentions: Maria Horbaczewski ’17 – V Lacrosse .. Cianna O’Flaherty ’19 – V Track & Field

May 2 – May 8

Gillian Sanders ’17 (JV Lacrosse)

Formerly a defender on the JV Lacrosse team, Gillie moved to starting midfield, With 3 seconds left she scored off a pass from Sadie Lestage for an overtime.  Gillie is a captain and leader on the JV Girls Lax team, who went 2-0 last week.

Del Jenkins ’17 (JV Lacrosse)

Del Jenkins, junior captain on the JV lacrosse team, scored 4 goals and had 4 assists to beat undefeated Governors team 12 -9.  Del also won every faceoff he took in the game to lead the Stangs to victory.

Honorable Mentions:  Jack Pacheco ’18 – V Lacrosse .. Cole O’Flaherty ’16 – V Track .. Emma James ’18 – JV Softball

April 25 – May 1

Matt Tabor ’17 (V Baseball)

Matt Tabor stepped on the mound in the varsity baseball game on Saturday and retired every single batter he faced – All 21 – for a perfect game and 3-0 win over previously undefeated, ISL rival, Lawrence Academy.  Matt struck out seven batters in his perfect effort.  On the final out of the game, on a full count, he struck out the final Lawrence batter to preserve the perfect game and seal the important ISL win for the Mustangs.

Kat Stephan ’19 (JV Softball)

Kat had a great defensive game at third base against Fay, helping the team to a 20-4 win.  She also helped out with the bat, going 3 for 4 offensively.

Honorable Mentions:  Owen Martinson ’17 – V Lacrosse .. Morty Fearey ’16 – V Lacrosse ..  Adrian Hackney ’19 – 3rd Tennis ..Gabrielle Fernandopulle ’17 – V Lacrosse

April 18 – April 24

Addison Bowden ’16 (V Golf)

Addison had a solid week for the Mustangs golf squad, scoring points in all of his matches to help the team to two big wins last week over Thayer and Belmont Hill.  His week was punctuated by an incredible 50 foot bunker shot that he holed out for a birdie in a crucial match.

Ashley Adelberg ’16 (V Softball)

Ashley pitched 3 complete games for the varsity softball team this week and was 3-0 from the circle. She held Tabor to just 4 hits and Southfield to only 3 hits. In the 3 games this week offensively, she went an astounding 11 for 14 (0.786 avg) including 4 doubles, a home run, 8 RBIs, 2 stolen bases, and 9 runs scored.

Honorable Mentions:  Cole O’Flaherty ’16 – V Track ..  Cate Robertson ’17 – V Track .. Emma James ’18 – JV Softball .. Michael George ’19 – 3rd Tennis

April 11 – April 17

Sam Hitt ’16 (V Baseball)

Sam had a perfect batting average this week for the varsity baseball team.  He went 3 for 3 with four walks at the plate and scored 4 runs scored in the league games during the week.

Jenny Feeney ’17 (V Lacrosse)

Jenny scored a season high seven goals on Saturday in Varsity Girls Lacrosse’s overtime win against Brooks. Jenny scored the two biggest goals of the game.  She tallied the game tying goal in the final seconds to come from behind and send the game into overtime, and she scored the game winning goal in sudden victory overtime.

Honorable Mentions:  Jen Costa ’17 – V Track .. Allan Rapelyea ’17 – V Track .. Claire Dudley ’18 – V Softball.. Charlie Guscott ’16 – Varsity Softball ..  Ashley Adelberg ’16 – V Softball


WINTER 2015-16 Mustangs of the Week


February 22 – February 28

Cormac Ryan ’18 (V Basketball)

Cormac had a great week for the boys varsity basketball team, punctuated by a win on Nobles Day.  Cormac tallied 34 points in the team’s 64-56 win over Nobles.  He also added 6 blocks, 7 assists and 8 rebounds in that game.

Lydia Hill ’17 (V Skiing)

Lydia is the top seeded skier on the girls varsity ski team.  She placed 3rd in the ISL, and was named to the All-ISL Team by the coaches of each school in the league.  Lydia was a large factor in the team placing 2nd in the NEPSAC Class B Alpine Skiing Championships this year.  At the NEPSAC championships, Lydia won the Giant Slalom competition and placed 2nd in the Slalom. 

Honorable Mentions:  John Minicus ’18 – JV Basketball .. James Quinlivan ’19 – 3rd Basketball

February 15 – February 21

Bryan Hanly ’18 (JV Wrestling)

Bryan won the heavyweight class of JV New Englands for wrestling this week .  En route to his victory, he dominated all of the opponents he faced.

Maria DiMartinis ’17 (V Hockey)

Maria helped the varsity girls hockey team to three crucial wins last week.  She tallied both goals in a 2-0 upset win over #2 Andover and added 2 assists in the wins over St. Georges and Brewster.   Because of these three huge wins, the team is now 15-10 and has a chance to make the New England playoffs for the first time in over 10 years.

Honorable Mentions:  Ben Handy ’17 – JV Basketball ..  Dariya Subkhanberdina ’19 – 3rd Basketball

February 8 – February 14

Shay Quintin ’16 (V Wrestling)

Shay Quintin finished the ISL season with a 12-2 record and finished in third place in the ISL Championships at the 126 weight class.

Raneem El Torky (V Squash)

Raneem went undefeated this weekend in four matches and helped lead the Milton girls’ squash team to an impressive 6th place finish in the country at High School Nationals.  Over the course of the weekend she defeated two of the top players in the county, both of whom are ranked in the top 6 nationally.  Most impressively, she came back from down 2-0 against Episcopal Academy to win the last three games and the match.  Along the way, she fought off 4 match balls in the 4th game to come back from a 10-6 deficit to take the game before winning the match decisively in the 5th game.

Honorable Mentions:  Jen Costa ’17 – V Hockey .. Siramori Yattassaye ’19 – 3rd Basketball .. Nick Tupanjanin ’16 – V Basketball

February 1 – February 7

Anthony Gallagher ’18 (V Wrestling)

Anthony won the Northern New England wrestling tournament at the 220 lb weight class this past weekend for the Mustangs.  In the final against an opponent from Andover he tossed his opponent for the win!

Olayeni Oladipo ’19 (3rd Basketball)

Olayeni scored 13 points and collected 20 rebounds in the 3rds girls basketball game against Lawrence on Wednesday. After trailing for most of the game, she locked down their best offensive threat, scored several points down the stretch and pushed the team to make a come back in the final 4 minutes. The team eventually won the game 35-27.

Honorable Mentions: Trevor Turnbull ’16 – V Hockey .. Anne Malloy ’16 – V Hockey .. Charlie Gagnon ’17 – JV Basketball .. Ryan Vyas ’19 – JV Hockey

January 18 – January 24

Charlie Keohan ’18 (JV Basketball)

Charlie stepped up big for the JV Boy’s Basketball team in last week’s game against St. Marks. He was able to come off the bench and hit a couple of crucial 3’s that kept the team in reach in the nail-biting match against St. Marks. Charlie, who is coming back from an injury on his shooting hand, brought energy and defense with his play in Saturday’s tough loss and will be a key piece of the teams’ success moving forward.

Hannah Congdon ’17 (V Hockey)

Hannah earned two big wins between the pipes for the Varsity Girls Hockey team this week.  On Wednesday she stopped 17 of 18 shots in a 4-1 win over Governors.  On Saturday she stopped 36 of 38 in a 3-2 upset of #6 St Paul’s, including an amazing 17 save performance in the first period, without allowing a goal, to keep the team in the game.  On the season, Hannah has stopped 94% of the shots she has faced and has an impressive 1.57 goals against average.

Honorable Mentions:  Ellie Lachenauer ’17 – V Basketball

January 10 – January 17

Nick Tupanjanin ’16 (V Basketball)

Nick scored his 1000th point here as a Milton Academy varsity basketball player on Saturday vs. St. Paul’s. Nick is the first player that has accomplished this milestone, since Coach Reddicks arrived at Milton.  Earlier this season he scored his 1000th high school career points against Thayer (182 points as a freshmen year at Dover-Sherborn). Nick is averaging 17 points per game this season and wasrecognized as an all league player in 2014 and 2015.

Vivian Lee (V Basketball)

Vivian scored 21 points in a heroic effort vs. Andover for the girls varsity basketball team.  Unfortunately the team lost that game in double-overtime. She has led the team at point guard this season, helping them to earn four quality wins vs. Exeter, Governors, Thayer and St. Pauls.

Honorable Mentions:  Del Jenkins ’17 – JV Basketball .. Sophia Li ’19 – 3rd Basketball

January 1 – January 9

Kellie Quinn ’16 (V Hockey)

Kellie led the girl varsity hockey team to a 3-2 record to begin 2016.  She tallied a goal and 4 assists to lead the team in scoring over the first 5 games with 5 points.  Her energy, tenacity and leadership has helped to drive the team forward this season.

JJ Batt (V Swimming)

In the first home meet of the season, JJ broke oldest school record in the books.  He swam the  100m fly in 54 seconds breaking the record held by Charlie Everett.  In the same meet, he led the AquaStangs to victory over Westminster, winning the 200m IM and leading two winning relays.

Honorable Mentions:  Edward Moreta ’18 – JV Basketball .. Jack Bliss ’17 – V Hockey

December 7 – December 13

Casey Delano ’17 (V Swimming)

Casey DeLano set a new 50m freestyle school record leading off 4×50 relay at KO Invitational.  She also won the 200 IM and the 100 Breaststroke events.  Her performance helped the varsity girls swimming team to a first place finish in the event.

Sam Rochelle ’16 (V Diving)

Sam Rochelle placed first in 1 meter diving at both the meet vs Deerfield and at the KO invitational meet.  He completed some amazing dives carrying some of the highest difficulty in the league.  He defeated the other divers in the field by a very wide margin.

Honorable Mentions:  Raneem El Torky ’17 – V Squash .. Trevor Turnbull ’16 – V Hockey .. David Jones ’16 – V Squash .. Jack Pacheco ’18 – JV Basketball

November 30 – December 6

Anne Malloy ’16 (V Hockey)

Anne Malloy helped the girls varsity hockey team to open their season with a win for the first time in over 10 years.  She scored the overtime game winning goal on a slapshot from the point to give the team a 2-1 win over a very strong Tabor team.  Further, she was dynamic in the defensive end, making it impossible for the Tabor forwards to get any offensive chances.

Ethan Domokos ’17 (V Hockey)

Ethan Domokos began his career at Milton by earning a shutout and helping the varsity boys hockey team to a 4-0 win over St. Sebastians to begin their 2015-16 with a winning record.  Domokos stopped all 26 shots he faced in goal to earn the shutout.

Honorable Mentions:  Maya Davis ’16 – V Basketball .. Rhett Carter ’19 – V Basketball .. Earvin Ofulue ’17 – JV Basketball

FALL 2015 Mustangs of the Week

November 9 – November 22

Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team

The boys varsity soccer team capped off an historic season with a 2-0 win over NMH to earn the Class A New England Championship.  They become the only team in ISL history to finish the whole season undefeated and to earn both ISL and New England Championships.  Along the way the team won 22 games, had 19 shutouts with 18 in a row to end the season, the last time they were scored on was in September!  The team finished the season with 78 goals for and only 6 against.   On top of it all, the boys were awarded the ISL Sportsmanship Award.

Honorable Mentions:  Boys Varsity Football Team

November 2 – November 8

Jack Czarniak ‘18 (V Football)

Jack Czarniak is a linebacker and offensive guard for the varsity football team.  He was a key component of the team’s huge come from behind win over Governor’s last week to keep the Mustangs in the bowl hunt..  Jack had 15 solo tackles, 3 tackles for losses, 1 sack and an interception to seal the win.  He also had a great game on offense at the guard position leading the way for Mike Silva and Freddie Okito.

Teddy Beaudion ’17 (V Cross Country)

Teddy had an amazing race on Friday at the ISL Championship for the boys varsity cross country team. Right from the start of the race Teddy, locked-in with runners who had beaten him earlier in the season and refused to let them get ahead of him. As the race unfolded, many of his close competition faltered and he began to gap them. Teddy’s last mile was perfectly run as he consistently sped up leading to a blistering final kick! When he crossed the finish line, with absolutely nothing left in the tank, he was first for Milton and sixth overall in a super time of 17:17 on a very difficult course.

Honorable Mentions:  Amos Shapiro-Thompson ‘18 – V Soccer

October 26 – November 1

Deanna Ferrante ‘16 (V Soccer)

Deanna returned from an injury to full-time action for girls varsity soccer and helped push the team forward this week.  Deanna played the full match in both of the team’s games this week as a central defender as Milton controlled the possession in both matches.  A terrific tackler, Deanna wins the ball and initiates the team’s offense.

Tom Urquhart ’18 (JV Football)

Tom scored all 22 points for the JV Football team last Wednesday.  He scored 3 touchdowns, had 2 extra points and rushed for over 250 yards in a rain soaked game at Worcester academy.  The win keeps the unbeaten streak alive for JV Football.  

Honorable Mentions:  MC Thompson ‘19 – JV Soccer .. Mike Silva ’17 – V Football .. Freddy Okito ‘17 – V Football .. Andie Minicus ‘16 – JV Cross Country ..  JayJay LaRochelle ‘16 – JV Cross Country .. Claire Dudley ‘18 – V Field Hockey—-

October 19 – October 25

Olayeni Oladipo ’19 (3rd Field Hockey)

Olayeni has been a strong force on offense all season for the 3rd Field Hockey team.  Her speed, stick work, and smart play have resulted in many break-aways and scoring opportunities.  Last week against Winsor, it all came together for Olayeni and she scored a hat trick (3 goals) – helping the team to a 4 – 0 victory.

Jason Bowman ’16 (V Soccer)

Jason had a strong week for the boys varsity soccer team.  The team went 2-0 this week with wins over St. Mark’s and Rivers extending their winning streak to 13 and their unscored upon streak to 9.  Jason tallied a goal in each game and played with poise and control.

October 12 – October 18

Katherine Holmes (V Field Hockey)

Katherine recently moved to the sweeper role on the varsity field hockey team.  She is the anchor of the team’s defense right now – always calm, cool and collected. The team’s defense has not allowed many goals this season, Katherine is an unsung hero in a way,  she may not be flashy,  but the team would be different without her.  Katherine anchored the defense that led the team to a big 4-1 win on Parent’s weekend.

Jack O’Brien ’17 (V Soccer)

Jack O’Brien’s strong work this week helped lead the Mustangs varsity soccer team to important wins over Roxbury Latin, BB&N, and Andover.   His dynamic play helped spark the Milton attack.  He scored or assisted on the first goals in each of the three games.  Each proved to be the game-winner and enough to earn Milton the win.  His assist against Andover was particularly huge and broke a 0-0 deadlock late in the second half.  This allowed Milton to secure a 1-0 win over the previously undefeated Big Blue.

Honorable Mentions:  Minnie Stavis ’17 – V X-Country .. Mike Silva ’17 – V Football .. Ashley Adelberg ’16 – V Soccer

October 5 – October 11

Kate Jones ’19 (3rd Soccer)

Kate helped the Freshman girls soccer team to two wins last week.  She scored 3 goals and had one assist in a 4-1 win over Andover.  She also had a goal and an assist in a 2-1 win over Thayer.

Paul Housey ’16 (V X-Country)

Paul has led the varsity boys cross-country squad in all three races this season, including an impressive victory at home on Saturday.  Paul has improved greatly since last season and is now among the best runners in the ISL.

Honorable Mentions:  JP Shuster ’17 – Hack Soccer

September 28 – October 4

Sophia Li ’19 (3rd Soccer)

Sophia did an outstanding job against Thayer for the girls 3rd soccer team. Despite the rain and wind, she was a solid presence in the goal.  Sophia made numerous saves,  and especially preserved our victory by being aggressive in one on one situations, coming out of the goal and breaking up Thayer’s offensive drives. Her accurate punts were our first line of offense, moving the ball quickly down field.

Jerry Ozor ’16 (V Soccer)

Jerry had a great week tallying 4 goals and assisting on two others while helping the boys varsity soccer team  to earn two important ISL wins over Thayer and Middlesex.  He had two goals and an assist in each game and provided a key offensive spark.  Boys soccer remains undefeated and untied.

Honorable Mentions:  Freddie Okito ’17 – V Football .. Devon Park ’18 – V Field Hockey

September 21 – September 27

Katie Burke ’17 (JV Field Hockey)

Katie led the team to a 3-0 win over Lawrence to open the season for JV Field Hockey.  She tallied two of the team’s three goals and led the team on the field.

Mike Silva ’17 (V Football)

In the season opener for Varsity Football, Mike helped to lead the team to a 28-7 victory over Roxbury Latin.  Mike had two touchdowns and and interception for a “Pick Six” to seal the win late in the game.  On defense he had  5 tackles and 3 passes defended.  On offense he had  10 carries for 57 yards.

Honorable Mentions:  Dom Cozier ’16 – V Football

September 13 – September 20

Gabby Fernandopulle ’17 (V Soccer)

Gabby dominated the first half of the girls varsity soccer match against Deerfield.  She scored the first two goals of the season for the team and assisted on the third in a 4-0 win over Deerfield on Saturday.  Gabby scored the first goal with her right foot and the second with her left.  Gabby made the final pass that set up her teammate for the third goal – all in the first half.

Jeremy Cowham ’16 (V Soccer)

Jeremy played phenomenally well in both of the games for the varsity soccer team this week, helping the team to two important wins over strong Class A teams.  In each game, he made spectacular saves at key times which helped preserve the lead and earn the victory.

Honorable Mentions:  Te Palandjian ’17 – V Field Hockey

2014-15 Mustangs of the Week Archive


May 11 – May 17

Bobby Gilmore ’15 (V Track & Field) –

Bobby broke the longest active Milton Academy Track and Field record (55 years) on Saturday while competing in the New England Division I Prep School Track and Field Championships. His heave of 53′ 5″ landed 2 feet past the previous record. He finished the day and his Milton Track and Field career with 3rd place finish in the Javelin and a 2nd place finish in the discus.

Christine Flatley ’18 & Natalie Wamester ’18 (V Tennis) –

Natalie and Christine played #2 doubles in the NEPSAC Class A Tennis tournament this weekend. They won all three of their doubles matches and both won all three of their singles matches to help the team to their 2nd consecutive NE Championship!

Honorable Mentions:  Deanna Reyes ’15 – JV Softball .. JP Schuster ’17 – JV Tennis .. David Winick ’17 – 3rd Tennis

May 4 – May 10

Morty Fearey ’16 (V Lacrosse) –

Morty Fearey led the boys varsity lacrosse team to their first victory this season, a 12-11 win over St. Mark’s. He had 4 goals and 1 assist, including the game winner with only 16 seconds left in the game last Saturday.

Semi Oloko ’17 (V Tennis) –

Semi Oloko was undefeated last week for the girls varsity tennis team. She posted wins against the team’s toughest NEPSAC opponent Andover, playing at number two singles and 1st doubles. She followed that up with dominating victories at the same positions vs St Marks, the second place team in the ISL. Semi will help lead the team into a tough week of ISL matches culminating in the NEPSAC Class A tournament this weekend.

Honorable Mentions:  Matt Ryan ’16 – JV Baseball .. Claire Dudley ’18 – V Softball .. Curtis Weyerhauser ’16 – JV Tennis .. Cameron Yip ’16 – JV Tennis .. Patrick Huang ’18 – 3rd Tennis


April 27 – May 3

Boys 4x100m Relay – Clay Desir ’15, Chris Lewis ’15, Dom Cozier ’16, Mike Silva ’17 (V Track & Field) –

Boys 4 x 100 meter relay team of Dom Cozier, Mike Silva, Chris Lewis and Clay Desir broke the school record by scoring a 44.04 in the event.  The previous mark was held by Mr. Heard and his teammates in 1991.

Bobby Gilmore ’15 (V Track & Field) –

Bobby Gilmore  broke a 27 year old discus record on Saturday with a heave of 151′ 1″. Shattering the old mark by almost 11 feet. He finished the day with a 1st place finish in the Boys shot-put.

Hannah Congdon ’17 (V Track & Field) –

Hannah Congdon placed 1st in Javelin at 103′ – placing her 5th all time at Milton.  She also placed 1st in Discus at 81′ 1′ and finished 3rd in shot put.

Honorable Mentions:  Kellie Quinn ’16 – V Softball .. Ashley Adelberg ’16 – V Softball .. Ivan Kouzmine ’17 – JV Tennis .. Brandon Jones ’18 – 3rd Tennis

April 20 – April 26

Danny Little ’18 (3rd Tennis) –

Freshman Danny Little won his #1 doubles match (6-1) vs. Exeter and then had a huge comeback win on Friday playing as #3 singles against Fay winning 7-6 in a tiebreaker.

Erika Lamere ’15 (V Softball) –

Erika Lamere had another key 2 run home run and RBI single in a tight game against Lawrence for a 6-5 Mustang win. Erika leads the ISL in batting with a 0.727 average, 2 HRs and 11 RBIs. She has a total of 4 HRs and 18 RBIs including non-league games.

Honorable Mentions:  Bri Condon ’16 – V Lacrosse .. Ashley Adelberg ’16 – V Softball .. Curtis Weyerhauser ’16 – JV Tennis

April 13 – April 19

Bobby Beniers ’17 (JV Lacrosse) –

Bobby Beniers figured in half the team’s goals with 4 goals and 1 assist in a 10-9 come from behind win over Middlesex for JV Lacrosse. The team was down 7-3 before coming back to win.

Chloe LeStage ’17 (JV Softball) –

Chloe LeStage had thee inside-the-park homeruns and a double this week helping the JV Softball team to two wins – 24-7 over St. Mark’s and 21-20 over Worcester.

Honorable Mentions:  Matt Tabor ’17 – V Baseball .. Erika Lamere ’15 – V Softball .. Katie Widenmeyer ’15 – V Softball .. Ethan Chan ’17 – JV Tennis .. Daniel Xiao ’18 – 3rd Tennis

April 6 – April 12

Jeff Brown ’15 (V Track & Field) –

Jeff Brown broke a 44 year old MA Track and Field Record on Saturday with a javelin throw of 189′ 11″.  The previous record set in 1971 was 189′ 6″.  He followed the Jav throw with a 4th place finish in the shot-put with a Personal Record of 39′ 2″.

Dom Cozier ’16 (V Track & Field) –

Domenic Cozier broke an 11 year old MA Track and Field Record in the 100 Meter Dash with his 10.8 sec performance.  He followed up this feat with a 3rd place finish in the Long Jump with Personal Record of 20′ 10″.

Honorable Mentions:  Andrew Dumaresque ’16 – JV Tennis

March 30 – April 5

Erik Mohl ’15 (V Baseball) –

Erik Mohl of the Varsity Baseball team was on the mound in the team’s season opener last Saturday. In 5 innings of pitching he allowed only one hit and struck out 5 batters.

Jenny Feeney ’17 (V Lacrosse) –

Jenny Feeney of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team tallied: 4 GOALS, 1 assist, 1 ground ball, 2 caused turnovers, 1 drawin the 10-6 win over Rivers in the season opener.Jenny certainly helped to fill the void left by the departure of a number of talented seniors from last year’s team. Having barely stepped on the field as a “swing player” last year, she is now clearly playing with more confidence and is ready to make an impact as a sophomore. She was also instrumental in guiding the draw to a place on the field where her team could secure it.

Honorable Mentions:  Maria Horbaczewski ’17 – V Lacrosse


February 17 – February 23

Max Li ’18 (JV Hockey) –

Freshman Max Li became the hero of the JV Boys Hockey team as he netted the gamewinner late in the third period on Nobles Day to help the JV Boys Hockey Team to a 2-1 win to finish out their season.

Raneem El Torky ’17 (V Squash) –

Raneem recently completed the regular season undefeated in league matches for the Varsity Squash Team and was the #1 player in the ISL. She also finished the year with a great performance at New England’s where she finished second, only losing to the #1 ranked u-19 player in the entire U.S. This is highest finish of any player in Squash Program history! Raneem combined this excellent play on court with incredible sportsmanship all season. Her strong and consistent play helped lead the girls’ squash team to one of the strongest finishes in program history at New England’s and Nationals where the team finished 4th and 6th respectively.

Honorable Mentions:  Melody Tan ’16 – JV Hockey .. JV Boys Basketball Team .. Libby Czarniak ’17 – JV Basketball .. Ellie Baker ’18 – FR Basketball .. Erika Lamere ’15 – V Basketball .. Niki Young ’15 – V Basketball .. Katherine Flaherty ’15 – V Hockey

February 10 – February 16

Charlie Stenhouse ’15 (V Basketball) –

In the past few weeks, Charlie has provided the boys varsity basketball team’s offense with a much need lift. His presence in the post has been huge both literally and figuratively. Not only has Charlie been playing well on the offensive end but he’s done equally as well on the defensive end. He’s covered some of the best post players in New England and had held his own. His rebounding has also picked up the last few weeks. The past week Charlie averaged 12 points and 9 rebounds.

Maya Davis ’16 (V Basketball) –

Maya Davis of the girls varsity basketball team earns the other Mustang of the Week nod. In the team’s last 4 games she has averaged a double double with rebounds and points and was just selected to the New England all star team as a Junior. She is a player that continues to get better every practice/game and never stops working. Coach Fecteau says, “One of the most coachable athletes I have ever had the privilege of working with.”

Honorable Mentions:  Katie Widenmeyer ’15 – V Hockey .. Emma Murphy ’18 – FR Basketball

February 3 – February 9

Jude Simplice ’15 (V Wrestling) –

Jude Simplice, senior captain came in second place at the Northern New England Invitational last weekend losing to his opponent by only one point. Today at the ISL’s Jude beat his opponent from St Paul’s in overtime to advance to the finals. In the finals match Jude once again would face the Middlesex 170 pounder who had beaten Jude at the NNEI last weekend by one point. After a quadruple overtime match Jude earned the escape after a nail-biting sudden death overtime to become our 170 lb. 2015 ISL Champion!!!

Rachel Handler ’18 (3rd Basketball) –

Rachel Handler of the Freshman girls basketball team is a Mustang of the week. Rachel has always looked to get her teammates involved and operates off the pass-first mentality. Her coaches wanted her to take more shots in games and she finally did. She scored 12 points, had a number of great steals, and still found ways to help her teammates score. It was a breakout game for Rachel and she propelled our team to success on Friday against Middlesex.

Honorable Mentions:  Harrison Jia ’17 – Swimming .. Jen Costa ’17 – V Hockey

January 26 – February 2

Conor Greene ’18 (JV Hockey) –

Freshman Conor Greene scored 3 goals in the JV Hockey Team’s 4-0 win over Pingree.

Destiny Rosas ’17 (Wrestling) –

Destiny Rosas earned a Silver Medal at the Andover Female Wrestling Tournament. Destiny wrestled in a heavier weight class, with one win by pin over a girl almost 30 pounds heavier than her.

Honorable Mentions:  Matt Chea ’15 – V Wrestling .. Carson Spahr ’15 – V Squash .. Anne Malloy ’16 – V Hockey .. Erika Lamere ’15 – V Basketball .. Soleil Devonish ’18 – FR Basketball

January 19 – January 25

Shay Quintin ’16 (V Wrestling) –

Shay Quintin, of the varsity wrestling team, wrestled a new England winner from last year, who is currently one of the top 3 seeds in NE and the top seed in ISL. Shay was down by 10 points and came back and pinned his opponent to win. It was a huge win for him and great lift for the team.

Niki Young ’15 (V Basketball) –

Niki Young of Varsity girls basketball team has been instrumental all of the team’s wins this season. She provides a level of toughness that the rest of the team follows. She sets the tone for the defense and always shuts down the other teams best player. She suffered an injury on Saturday when once again, she was going above and beyond after the cancellation of our game and went to the gym to workout.

Honorable Mentions:  Maria DiMartinis ’17 – V Hockey .. Freddy Connelly ’15 – JV Hockey .. Maya Thakore ’18 – FR Basketball

January 12 – January 18

Jonnie Lawson ’15 (V Skiing) –

Senior Captain, Jonnie Lawson, has been the #1 Boys Skier at Milton Academy since he has been at the school and this past week at our last race, he should proved why. Jonnie had two runs with times of 21.15 and 21.22 seconds for a combined time of 42.37. This was good enough to beat every other skier in the ISL League, a total of 60 Varsity Boys who were competing the day of the race.

Katie Widenmeyer ’15 (V Hockey) –

Senior Assistant Captain, Katie Widenmeyer, is a solid leader on defense for the varsity girls hockey team. This week, from her defensive position, she also led the team in offense with 5 points on 2 goals and 3 assists, including the game winning goal against Groton. This helped the team to a 2-0-1 week against three ISL opponents.

Honorable Mentions:  Dom Cozier ’16 – V Basketball .. Erika Lamere ’15 – V Basketball .. Carson Spahr ’15 – V Squash .. Rebecca Bower ’18 – 3rd Basketball

January 6 – January 11

Jude Simplice ’15 (V Wrestling) –

Senior captain Jude Simplice of the Varsity Wrestling Team won his match helping the team to a 54-21 win over Belmont Hill on Saturday. Jude is now a perfect 8-0 on the season in his matches

Lydia Hill ’17 (V Skiing) –

Despite not having any warm-up runs, Lydia Hill of the Varsity Ski Team managed to place 3rd out of 37 competitors. Lydia had runs of 22.81 and 22.17 finishing just 0.89 behind the first place finisher.

Honorable Mentions:  Del Jenkins ’17 – JV Basketball .. Jonnie Lawson ’15 – V Skiing .. Jen Costa ’17 – V Hockey

December 19 – January 5

Sean Brennan ’15 (V Hockey) –

Senior captain Sean Brennan had six points in three games to help lead the team to the Championship game at Tabor. Milton fell 4-2 on an open net goal to a strong KUA team in championship game. Sean had a goal and an assist in that game.

Girls’ Varsity Hockey Team –

The Girls Varsity Hockey Team won four straight games in a 36 hour span to win the Exeter New Year’s Tournament. The team beat Rivers 3-1 in the final, and had two come from behind wins and a shootout win to earn the top seed in the championship game. The team has a 4-1-2 record in their last seven games, and is undefeated in 2015!

December 8 – 14

Rajiv Ram ’16 (V Squash) –

Junior Rajiv Ram, of Boys Varsity Squash, was down 7-2 in the 5th game against Exeter and came back to win 11-8, helping us to a 4-3 team win. He has also worked very hard in practice on improving his fundamentals.

Girls’ Varsity Squash Team –

At home last Wednesday the Girls’ Varsity Squash team defeated a very strong Deerfield team who has finished 2nd in the country last year. Over the weekend, the team then won the annual Groton Invitational tournament, finishing ahead of 10 other very strong teams. If was the first time Milton had won the event in the last 10 years and two Milton players (Madeline Barnes and Grace Connor) won their respective divisions of the tournament.

Honorable Mentions:   Emma Murphy ’18 – 3rds Basketball .. Erika Lamere ’15 – V Basketball .. Aaron Johnson ’16 – V Basketball .. Jack Bliss ’16 – V Hockey .. Luke Cadigan ’17 – JV Hockey

December 1 – 7

Corey Hales ’16 (V Wrestling) –

Going into the last match of the day the Mustangs Varsity Wrestling team was down 36 to 39 to a well prepared and tough Middlesex. Junior Cory Hales, needing at least a major decision or a four point victory to seal the dual meet win, pinned a tough ISL place finisher to help the team to a 42 -39 victory.

Lilly Vivado ’16 (V Swimming) –

In her first meet with the Mustangs Swim Team, Junior Lilly Vivado set two new school records. One in the 200 Individual Medley, and one in the 100 Butterfly, which was the oldest standing Milton girls swimming record.

Honorable Mentions:  Maya Davis ’16 -V Basketball … Jeremy Gross ’16 – JV Hockey


November 10 – 16

Chris Lewis ’15 (V Soccer) –

Chris was an incredible captain and player for the Varsity Soccer team this fall and his hard work, leadership, and commitment to the team were critical to what the team accomomplished. He played phenomenally well in both the NEPSAC quarterfinal and semifinal games and competed hard for 90 minutes in each game in spite of very different scorelines.

Marina Fleites ’15 (V Volleyball) –

Marina was a three-year captain on the Varsity Volleyball team,this year leading the team to their first ever ISL Championship.The team also earned the ISL sportmanship award, a testamentto her excellent leadership. In the NEPSAC quarterfinal game, Marina tallied a season high 9 aces vs Andover, leading her team right up thru the final point of the season.

Michaela Brickley ’15 (V Soccer) –

Senior Captain goaltender Michaela Brickley led her team toyet another NEPSAC tournament appearance. Despite a slow start, the team finished the season with a 9-7-3 record. As the final line of defense for the “wolfpack,” she earned 8 shutouts on the season making some incredible saves in the process.

Honorable Mentions:  Maria DiMartinis ’17 – V Soccer … Brie Lawson ’17 – V Soccer

November 3 – 9

Dom Cozier ’16 (V Football) –

Dom led the varsity football team to a 40-7 win on Milton-Nobles Rivalry Friday. He had 12 carries for 142 yds. and 3 Touchdowns. He also played great on defense at cornerback.

Jamie Murray ’15 (V Volleyball) –

Jamie helped lead the varsity volleyball team to an undefeated final week (including sweeps of Thayer, Lawrence, and Nobles) and the program’s first ISL Title.  On Milton-Nobles Day, the match that determined sole possession of the ISL title, she posted 14 kills on 23 swings and had 4 aces.

Honorable Mentions:  Amelia Cleary ’18 – FR Field Hockey .. Michaela Olson ’16 – JV Volleyball .. Yassmine Raoui ’18 – FR Soccer

October 27- November 2

Rick Dionne ’15 (Cross Country) –

At Saturday’s ISL Championship Rick braved the cold wind, driving rain and ankle high mud to impressively win the JVChampionship race. Rick has been a terrific leader of the team for two years. His dedication and hard work really paid off!

Mark Leon ’15 (V Soccer) –

Mark had another great week for the boys’ varsity soccer team and helped lead us to two wins. He had three goals in a win over Governor’s on Saturday and also had a goal in a 4-1 win against St. George’s on Wednesday. He now has 13 goals and 5 assists on the season.

Tom Urquhart ’18 (JV Football) –

Tom led the JV Football Team with three touchdowns,two on offense and one on defense, a 70 yard interceptionand return. He led the team in tackles on defense andin points on offense.

Honorable Mentions:  Minnie Stavis ’17 – V Cross Country

October 20-26

Jeff Brown ’15 (V Football) –

On a muddy day at Governor’s Academy the varsity football team faced an undefeated Governor’s squad. Jeff led the Mustangs defense with 14 solo tackles, 3 assists, 1 tackle for a loss and 1 deflected pass, holding the opponent to just 6 points in a 22-6 Milton win. Governor’s has only lost 2 games in the past FOUR seasons (both to Milton).

Belle Chen ’16 (V Volleyball) –

The varsity volleyball team found themselves down 19-23 in the final set on the road against St. Paul’s in a critical ISL match. Belle served 4 straight points to tie the game at 23-23, and changed the momentum. This led the team to a 28-26 win over St. Pauls to take over sole possession of the top spot in the ISL.

Honorable Mentions:  Maria DiMartinis ’17 – V Soccer .. Maggie O’Hanlon ’17- JV Soccer

October 13-19

Claire Dudley ’18 (V Field Hockey) –

Claire scored two goals and assisted onthe other goal to lead the girls varsity field hockey team to a 3-2 win over Rivers. Withthe win, the team remains undefeated inthe ISL.

Brie Etoniru ’16 (JV Soccer) –

Brie scored four goals last week for the JV girls soccer team, leading them to two victories. She scored two in a 3-0 win over St. Mark’s and two in a 3-2 win over BB&N.

Ellie Lachenauer ’17 (V Soccer) –

Ellie scored a hat trick (3 goals) in the varsity girls soccer game against St. Mark’s last Wednesday, helping the team to a 6-0 win. This is the first time that has been accomplished since October 2012.

Andriana Velmahos ’18 (V Volleyball) –

Adriana had no experience as an opposite hitter when she stepped in for an injured player on Saturday against St. Paul’s. She had two aces and several key digs, helping the varsity volleyball team to the top of the ISL standings for the first time in program history.

Honorable Mentions:  Sophie Kylander ’18 – FR Soccer .. Jamie Murray ’15 – V Volleyball .. Chris Lewis ’15 – V Soccer

October 6-12

Dom Cozier ’16 (V Football) –

Dom led the varsity football team to a 42-31 win over Roxbury Latin under the lights last Friday night. He had 17 carries for 311 yards, and scored three touchdowns. He also returned a kickoff for over 60 yards.  On defense, Dom played an outstanding game also as a cornerback.   On the season, Dom has outstanding rushing stats. He has rushed 51 times for 752 yardsds for a 15 yards per rush average.

Niki Young ’15 (V Soccer) –

Niki helped the girls varsity soccer team to a 2-0-1 record last week. She figured in the scoring of all three of the team’s goals (2 g, 1a) during Friday’s 3-0 win over BB&N. Her her play has helped the team extend its unbeaten streak to 6 games.

Honorable Mentions:  Steven Walker ’18 – FR Soccer .. Caroline McCammond ’16 – V Field Hockey.

September 29 – October 5

Connor James ’15 (V X-Country) –

For the third straight week Connor James led the Boys Cross Country team with an impressive win over a strong field of runners.  Connor, undefeated this season, showed tremendous leadership by staying with and supporting his teammates for 2/3 of the race before jetting off to take first place.  According to his coach, “Connor’s leadership has been critical to the team’s success this season.”

Emily Bosworth ’15 (V X-Country) –

Emily is a senior on the varsity cross country team.  She had one of her best races this season against Nobles (finishing 3rd out of 59 girls) with a time of 21:54.  The course at Nobles was one of the hardest courses the team has run this season, and although the team lost to Nobles, they defeated both Brooks and St. George’s

Honorable Mentions:  Te Palandjian ’17 – V Field Hockey .. Caroline McCarthy ’18 – FR Soccer ..  Adam Bramson ’16 – V Soccer .. Dom Cozier ’16 – V Football.

September 22-28

Mike Silva ’17 (V Football) –

Mike Silva helped the varsity football team to a 55-32 win over St. George’s.  On offense, Mike had 6 carries for 190 yds and stepped in at QB due to injury — completing his only pass attempt for 6 yds.  Mike also played well on defense with an interception, his third in the past two games.

Kolbi Bradley ’16 (JV Volleyball) –

Kolbi had 3 Kills, 2 Aces and 2 Blocks for a total of 8 points in the win over Governor’s on Saturday for the JV Volleyball team.  She has been improving consistently all around and has been a strong support for her team.

Honorable Mentions:  Connor James ’15 – V X-Country .. Dom Crozier ’16 – V Football .. Molly Willson ’18 – 3rd Soccer .. Izzy Lareau ’18 – V Field Hockey .. Anne Malloy ’16 – V Field Hockey

September 15-21

Jerry Ozor ’16 (Boys V Soccer) –

Jerry Ozor had an outstanding game for the Mustangs as they took down the defending ISL Champions, Lawrence Academy, on Saturday. He scored the 1st goal, the game-winner, on a diving header in the 3rd minute. He continued to play extremely well, combining skillful and composed attacking play with tenacious and hard-working defensive play. While the win was a massive team effort, Jerry was definitely one of the Milton players who stepped up and played great.

Josie Wilson ’15 (Girls V X-Country) –

Senior Josie Wilson won the girls varsity cross country race with a time of 20:03. This was her first ever cross country race. The race featured Milton, BB&N and Governors.

Honorable Mentions:  JV Girls X-Country Team

September 8-14

Conor McManamy ’15 (Boys V Soccer) –

Senior Conor McManamy has stepped in as the starting goalie for the boys’ soccer team. He played a central role in earning two important Class A victories over Exeter and Tabor this week, only allowing a single goal, a penalty kick, the whole week. His coach says “His leadership, communication, and bravery have helped set a great tone for the team on and off the field and have been critical to our strong start to the season.”

Juliet McCann ’15 (V Field Hockey) –

Senior captain, Juliet McCann scored two of the four goals for the Mustangs Varsity Field Hockey team in Saturday’s win over Exeter in the season opener. Her coach says she is “extremely talented and works very hard.”

Honorable Mentions:  Niki Young ’15, Elly Vaughn ’16